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Electronic Tranfer Inc - Fast Charge

Electronic Transfer lets you effortlessly accept payments. Take all major credit cards, debit cards and checks online. Process payments through a credit card terminal, from your computer browser, phone, desktop, website or however you would like to.

You can customize everything!

Payment Gateway - It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets.

Easily accept mobile credit card payments from your phone.
Ideal for anyone who does business away from the office.
Accept payment the moment the job is done.
Merchant Service for Mobile.

Ask Us About Our FREE iPhone App.

PLUS we're live with real people answering the phone! Unlike other Credit Card Processor and Merchant Services providers, we don't put you through voice mail hell. Call right now by calling 1-800-757-5453 and see for yourself!

Simple rates and straightforward pricing means no stress or surprises at the end of the month. Our rates are among the lowest in the entire industry, so you'll keep more of what you have rightfully earned. You'll never have to worry about hidden fees, escalating rates, or any set up costs because we don't have any!

Electroinc Transfer Inc. - Fast Charge

Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM, an Online Merchant Center, provides merchants with a way to process credit cards from any device with internet access offering multiple credit card payment choices to customers.

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway is an online e-commerce application that authorizes payments between a merchant and the customer. Fast Charge has solutions for online businesses, mobile retailers or traditional brick and mortar locations.

For Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants without a web site the Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way of manually entering and processing credit card transactions.

Ecommerce shopping carts - e-commerce shopping cart set up. We've set up thousands of merchant accounts since 1989 so we'll be here if you have any issues with your credit card processing.

Voted “BEST” Payment Gateway

The Fast Charge payment gateway service is compatible with any U.S. checking or savings account! The Best Part, It Costs You NOTHING to get started today! Just fill out this short form and we’ll contact you to go over the rest of your account set up and to answer all your questions.

Zero Contract or Cancellation Fees
Free Fraud Protection (Potentially Save Thousands $$)
0.0% + $.10 Transaction Fee
$00.00 Set Up, Support and Programming Fees
$10.00 Monthly Gateway Fee
Use Any U.S. Merchant Account
Set Up Time: Less Then One Hour!


The information you submit will remain confidential. We’ll never Spam or sell your email address so your privacy is protected with us. If you have any questions please call us at (800) 459-0625.

Electronic Transfer Inc

It Costs You NOTHING to get started today! Please complete the short form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

When searching for credit card processing and merchant account services you’ll see all kinds of offers out there that may not show all your true costs. It can get quite confusing when looking around and comparing all the different rates and fees merchant account companies offer you.

We recommend Electronic Transfer, Inc. for you credit card processing set up. ETI is a company that has an A+ BBB Rating, has been around since 1989 and will give you honest rates. ETI owns The Fast Charge Payment Gateway and they even answer their phone with live people!

By filling out this form you will not enter into any agreements or contracts with them! (The web site owner receives compensation for promoting this product.)

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. If there is any information that you do not have available or any question you do not understand, simply leave that section blank, and our staff will help you to obtain the missing information when we process your application. We're here to make sure that your application process is pleasant.

Your business must be located in the USA and you must have a physical street address. Home addresses qualify as the physical street address if home based business! Some restrictions may apply and approval is not guaranteed.

Electronic Transfer Inc - Fast Charge

Electronic Transfer, Inc. Merchant Account

Apply Now For Your No Obligation Merchant Account

Fast Approval, Easy Setup and Friendly Customer Service!

Totally FREE Set Up
Guaranteed Low Rates
Fast Payouts

Industry Standard Fees* Our Fees*
Customer Support 8am-8pm/Mon-Fri 24x7
Credit Restrictions Very Strict High Approval
Shopping Cart $50 - $795 FREE
Recurring Billing $50 - $475
$15 -$50 Monthly
Application Fee $ 90 - $ 195 FREE
Secure Server $10 - $50 per month FREE
Fraud Screening $50 - $200 Set Up
$.20 - $1.00 Per Transaction
American Express Setup $ 50 - $ 75 FREE
Check Processing Set Up $100 - $250 Set Up FREE
Multi-User Sub Accounts $50 - $150 Set Up
$10 - $50 Per Month
Address Verification Fee $.05 - $.10 Per Transaction FREE
Batch Processing $50 -$250 Set Up
$.05 - $.10 Per Transaction
Rates 3% - 5% 1.69% - 2.2%
Approval Time 2 - 3 weeks 1 Day

* Services, Prices and Fees may change without notice.

Accepting credit cards is not free! You pay the third party merchant account provider (or the bank if you are able to secure your own account directly with a bank that provides it) will charge you fees in exchange for the ability to accept credit card payments. The fees and rates you pay will vary depending on many factors, including how long you've been in business, the type of business you operate, your credit score, how much of your sales are processed by phone versus online, and the amount of credit card sales you process each month.


Electronic Transfer Inc - Fast Charge


Electronic Transfer Inc - Fast Charge


Wireless Mobile Payments

Mobile credit card processing can be used by the following: Trade Shows and Kiosks
Mobile Car Washes / Mobile Detailers
Food Trucks, Hot Dog Stands etc..
Pizza and Food Delivery
Flea Market and Gun Show Venders
Mobile Auto Repair
Home Inspection Companies
Many Others….

Electronic Transfer Inc - Fast Charge


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If you have a Non-U.S. based business please "DO NOT" apply!

Electronic Tranfer Inc - Fast Charge

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Merchant Account by Electronic Transfer, Inc an ISO/MSP of Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA.
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