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News & Articles - Auction & Retail Online Selling - 2012

Current News - News and articles for retail and other online selling, such as auction and classified sales.

This website is for learning and sharing information about online selling. This is not a newsletter or news magazine, rather a source for how to find selling information and how to meet other online sellers. This page is a collection of links to news stories and articles from other sources that might be of interest to online sellers.

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This is important to all online sellers.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear and rule on the right to resell foreign made items with copyright.

The Online Seller - 12-04-12 - eBay Textbook Copyright Case May Impact Online Sellers.
The Online Seller - 10-30-12 - Supreme Court Hears Textbook Resale Case.
eCommerceBytes - 10-29-12 - Supreme Court Weighs First-Sale Case Affecting eBay, Online Sellers .
eCommerceBytes - 10-08-12 - Your Right to Sell on eBay Is in Jeopardy.
MarketWatch - 10-4-12 - Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril.
It could become illegal to resell your iPhone 4, car or family antiques.
Chronicle - 4-16-12 -
Supreme Court Will Hear Case Over Foreign Textbooks Imported and Resold in U.S.
Washington College of Law - 6-12-12 - First Sale Doctrine – Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons.
CaseLaw.FindLaw - United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.
eCommerceBytes - 09-17-12 - eBay Sellers Sued by Amway Settle with the Company
Another case sighting the same "first sale doctrine".

New & Articles 2012
eCommerceBytes - 12-07-12 - Online Sellers: Weigh in on the Sales Tax Debate
eCommerceBytes - 12-06-12 - Etsy Launches Shopping Apps for iPad and Android

The Online Seller - 12-18-12 - Local Meetup eBay Groups: Meet eBay’s Meetup Manager
The Online Seller - 12-11-12 -
Local Meetup eBay Groups: How to Start One
The Online Seller - 12-04-12 - Local Meetup eBay Groups: Why Start One?

Internet Retailer - 12-03-12 - UPS and FedEx raise shipping rates for 2013
eCommerceBytes - 12-03-12 - Online Sellers Favor USPS
eCommerceBytes - 12-01-12 - Which Shipping Service is Rigth for You?
eCommerceBytes - 12-03-12 - What Online Retailers Should Know about Free Shipping Day

eCommerceBytes - 11-28-12 - Etsy Breaks Sales Record on Cyber Monday
eCommerceBytes - 11-28-12 -
eBay Sees More Mobile Volume on Sunday than Cyber Monday
eCommerceBytes - 11-28-12 - Cyber Monday Sales Up an Astonishing 30 Percent
Internet Retailer - 11-26-12 - Cyber Monday sales sizzle
Internet Retailer - 11-25-12
- Holiday web sales soar, while store sales are flat

Internet Retailer - 11-20-12 - Etsy Simplifies E-Commerce with Endicia
Internet Retailer - 11-12-12 - States reach for e-commerce sales tax dollars
Internet Retailer - 11-08-12 - Staples lets Amazon use stores as package pickup points
eCommerceBytes - 10-31-12 - Etsy Users Remain Unhappy over Category Changes
eCommerceBytes - 10-26-12 - Etsy Reevaluates New Transaction Dispute System
The Online Seller - 10-23-12 - Selling on Etsy Proves Gainful in September
Internet Retailer - 10-23-12 - One Kings Lane offers its flash sales through a new digital catalog
Internet Retailer - 10-22-12 - Price wars don’t necessarily maximize profits on Amazon or eBay
eCommerceBytes - 10-12-12 - Etsy Sellers Can Now List from Their iPhones
The Online Seller - 10-23-12 -
Etsy iPhone App Lets Sellers List on the Go
eCommerceBytes - 10-12-12 - Merchants to Be Squeezed by Postage Rate Increase in January
eCommerceBytes - 10-12-12 - Yardsellr Tests Shifting Fees from Buyers to Sellers

UPS - October 2012 - New regulations for shipping batteries. (International - US rules coming in December.)
International shippers will need to abide by the new regulations for lithium batteries.

eCommerceBytes - 10-12-12 - Etsy Redesigns Homepage to Encourage Browsing
eCommerceBytes - 10-09-12 - Sales Tax Burden Looms for Online Sellers

eCommerceBytes - 10-07-2012 - Community Commerce Sites Are the New eBay
"Crowdsourcing" is now the biggest fad in ecommerce. Sites in which members invent, design, curate and market products for the marketplace are gaining in popularity.

eCommerceBytes - 10-04-2012 - eCrater Sellers Can Get Traffic and Earn with Google AdSense
eCommerceBytes - 10-01-2012 - Etsy Hits Record Traffic in August 2012, Sales up 70 Percent
eCommerceBytes - 09-28-2012 - Etsy Introduces Seller Protection Plan for Direct Checkout Orders
eCommerceBytes - 09-26-2012 - Bonanza Goes Back to Its Roots
eCommerceBytes - 09-20-2012 - Etsy Works to Make Direct Checkout More Attractive
eCommerceBytes - 09-19-2012 - Vendio Grows from eBay Auction Manager to Multichannel Platform
eCommerceBytes - 09-13-2012 - RubyLane Adds Amazon Payments to Antiques Marketplace

eCommerceBytes - 09-06-2012 - BigCommerce Raises $20 Million, Adds PayPal Exec, Overhauls Brand

BigCommerce BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

eCommerceBytes - 09-04-2012 - Deferred Purchases Bring Revenue to ShopAdvisor
Internet Retailer - 08-30-12 - Amazon agrees to collect sales tax in Pennsylvania

eCommerceBytes - 08-30-2012 - Bonanza Turns to eBay and Google for Help - Bonanza told users Wednesday night it was launching a program to help sellers move inventory faster by allowing them to choose to list their Bonanza inventory on eBay and advertise on Google Shopping.

eCommerceBytes - 08-29-2012 - Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson Shares Good News in Blog Post

TheOnlineSeller - 08-24-12 - Etsy July Sales Hot, Hot, Hot

eCommerceBytes - 08-28-2012 - Etsy Goes Beyond Search with Its Wedding Portal

Internet Retailer Magazine - 08-24- 2012 - Amazon wins a marketplace ruling

TheOnlineSeller - 08-28-12 - Court Sides with Amazon in Counterfeits Case

eCommerceBytes - 08-28-2012 - California Court Sides With Amazon in Tre Milano Infringement Case

eCommerceBytes - 08-13-2012 - Bonanza Offers New Rewards and Feedback Features

Internet Retailer Magazine - 08-01- 2012 - Amazon reinforces its support of new online sales tax rules

eCommerceBytes - 08-02-2012 - Amazon Renews Calls for Online Sales Tax Bill Before Senate Panel

TheOnlineSeller - 08-06-12 - Internet Sales Tax: Are You a Remote Seller?

Internet Retailer Magazine - August 2012 - Trends & Data (Good overview of the online marketplace.)
eCommerceBytes - 07-30-2012 - Amazon and eBay Join Forces in New Internet Advocacy Group
The New York Times - 07-27- 2012 - Behind eBay’s Comeback

eCommerceBytes - 07-25-2012 - eBay Renews Protests as Lawmakers Weigh Online Sales Tax Bill.

TheOnlineSeller - 07-24-12 - Internet Sales Tax: Romney or Obama?

Internet Retailer Magazine - 07-13-2012 - Feds crack down on fakes.
Auctiva/The Online Seller - 07-02-2012 - Amazon Begins Collecting Texas Sales Tax.
eBay Radio Party & Conference - 2012 - June 20-21 • Flamingo Las Vegas
Register now through May 18th for just $85!
eCommerceBytes - 05-06-2012 - From the Editor - eBay's attempts to transform itself from an auction site into a retail shopping destination have been met with resistance from longtime sellers...
eCommerceBytes - 04-29-12 - eBay Sellers Wrap Up Successful Meetings with Congress
at 2012 eBay DC Fly-In

eCommerceBytes - 04-29-12 - Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in Texas Beginning in July

Internet Retailer - 04-27-12 - Amazon will collect tax in Texas

Internet Retailer - 04-26-12 - Amazon tax’ is thrown out by a Chicago-area judge.

Internet Retailer - 04-24-12 - Amazon strikes a tax deal with Nevada.

eCommerceBytes - 04-25-12 - Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in Nevad

eCommerceBytes - 04-09-12 - Debunking the eBay Myth of Free Shipping - If free shipping is the industry standard, as eBay states, then 21 of the top 25 ecommerce retailers have not gotten the memo. (Read the article with chart of major retailers.)

eCommerceBytes - 04-08-12 - Does Free Shipping on eBay Lead to Higher Sales? - Article with individual's comments at the bottom and free shipping survey question.

eCommerceBytes - 04-05-12 - Point, Counterpoint - Does TRS Improve Your eBay Sales? Survey Results from over 1,200 responders.

InternetRetailer - April 4, 2012 - A federal judge rules Colorado’s online tax law unconstitutional.
eBay help page for Top-rated Sellers - Quote: Starting June 1, 2012, only listings from Top-rated sellers that include 1-day handling and a minimum 14-day return policy with a money-back option will qualify for the greatest exposure in search results, and 20% final value fee discounts.

eCommerceBytes - 03-28-12 - eBay Admits Mistake, Returns User ID to Longtime Seller

eCommerceBytes - 03-26-12 -Is eBay Snatching User IDs to Give to Large Retailers

eBay On Location - eBay: On Location - Denver, CO - Thursday and Friday, May 24—25
eCommerceBytes - 03-09-12 - Boocoo Auctions Celebrates One Million Listings with Contest
Yahoo! Finance - 02-09-12 - Top Counterfeit Goods
eCommerceBytes - 02-05-12 - Sellers Choice 2012: Merchants Rate Ecommerce Marketplaces
eBay On Location - Annual eBay sponsored events with keynote speakers and topics. Various locations.
eCommerceBytes - 01-23-12 - EcommerceBytes Opens Voting for Annual Sellers Choice Awards

TheOnlineSeller - 01-17-12 Ubokia Wants to be eBay, Craigslist Alternative
Want-based marketplace lets sellers find qualified buyers for their items.

PayPal & CoinStar - Load funds into and withdraw cash from your PayPal account securely through your local Coinstar machine.
Yahoo! News - EquaShip™ Radically Reduces 2012 Shipping Prices in Disruptive Response to UPS’ and FedEx’s Synchronized Annual Price Hikes (Can not find any current info for EquaShip.)
eCommerceBytes.com - Online Sales Tax Is Coming - How Will It Affect You?
News & Articles 2011

eBay - 10/7/11 - e-Mail Links Not Allowed


eBay - Allowed Links

Amazon > Policies and Agreements > IRS Reporting Regulations on Third-Party Payment Transactions
"Beginning with the 2011 tax year, new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations require that U.S. payment processors, including Amazon, file Form 1099-K to report annual gross sales information for sellers that meet both of the following thresholds in a calendar year:
More than $20,000 in gross sales, and
More than 200 transactions."

Read the rest of the article at:

eBay - 2011 Spring Seller Update

AuctionBytes - 03/30/2011
eBay Raises ProStores Fees, Eliminates eBay PowerSeller Discounts
This does NOT apply to regular eBay stores (ie. Fixed Price listings), this article is about ProStores.


eBay - 03/23/2011 - eBay "On Location"
Register now for eBay "On Location" in Las Vegas, April 13-14!


eBay - 03/15/2011 - Fee Update
2011 Spring Seller Update: Fee update to encourage low-cost shipping, new shopping card, easier shopping in many categories, and more.


eBay - 10/26/10 - Duplicate Fixed Price Listing policy.
For any Fixed Price listing, the item offered must be significantly different from the item offered in any of your other Fixed Price listings.


eCommerceBytes - 03/23/2003 - Best Time to End an eBay Auction? Ask Our Readers!
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
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