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Current News - eBay Seller News - 2014

This page is current news specific to selling on eBay, plus links to informative news articles.

This website is for learning and sharing information about online selling. This is not a newsletter or news magazine, rather a source for how to find selling information and meet other online sellers. This page is a collection of links to news stories and articles from other sources that might be of interest to eBay sellers. I sift through news stories and try to narrow it down to articles about what sellers need to know, and leave out the who is CEO this week type info.

Current 2016 - For Archived Years: Archive 2012 -- Archive 2013 -- Archive 2014 -- Archive 2015

Other eBay News & Information Sources:

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eBay News & Articles
eCommerceBytes - 12-25-14 - UPS and FedEx Changes Prompt eBay to Update Shipping Calculator.
eCommerceBytes - 12-16-14 - eBay Runs Listing Promotion with Half-off Commission Fees.
eCommerceBytes - 12-08-14 - eBay Runs Holiday Auction Listing Promotion.
eCommerceBytes - 12-04-14 - eBay Adds Feature to Protect Sellers Who Run Out of Stock.
eCommerceBytes - 12-02-14 - Clarifying When Returns Result in eBay Defects.
eCommerceBytes - 12-02-14 - eBay Changes Defect Policy for Revised Feedback.
eCommerceBytes - 12-01-14 - eBay Kicks Off Listing Promotion on Cyber Monday.
eCommerceBytes - 11-25-14 - Could eBay Force Sellers to Ship to Stores for Pickup?
eCommerceBytes - 11-24-14 - eBay Thanksgiving Promotion Open to All Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 11-24-14 - eBay Sets Personalized Sales Goals for Some Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 11-21-14 - Next eBay CEO Promises Significant Changes Ahead.
(I don't usually add CEO news, but this incoming CEO implies there will be big changes ahead. Hum.)

eCommerceBytes - 11-19-14 - Are You Prepared for New 6-Month PayPal Purchase Protection?
eCommerceBytes - 11-19-14 - eBay Offers Some Good News for PayPal Users.

eCommerceBytes - 11-12-14 - eBay Raises Shipping Caps in Media Categories.
eCommerceBytes - 11-07-14 - eBay Runs Two Versions of Auction Promotion.
eCommerceBytes - 11-06-14 - eBay Launches Seller Repricing Tool from Decide.com.
eCommerceBytes - 11-05-14 - eBay Runs Stores Promotion for High Value Items.
eCommerceBytes - 11-05-14 - eBay Runs 'Pre-Holiday Doorbuster Deal' Listing Promo.
eCommerceBytes - 10-28-14 - eBay Eases Up on Extended Holiday Returns, with a Catch.
eCommerceBytes - 10-27-14 - eBay Promo Lets Sellers List 10 Thousand Listings in 5 Days.
eCommerceBytes - 10-24-14 - eBay Surprise Fee Hike Impacts Some Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 10-15-14 - eBay Runs Promotion to Encourage Auction Listings.
eCommerceBytes - 10-14-14 - Have a Question for eBay? Try an In Person Event.
eCommerceBytes - 10-07-14 - Deja vu: eBay to Kick off Live Auctions on Thursday.
eCommerceBytes - 10-05-14 - Ramifications of the eBay PayPal Breakup for Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 11-06-14 - Another Round of eBay Global Shipping Program Opt-ins.
eCommerceBytes - 10-03-14
- eBay Opts Sellers Back Into Global Shipping Program. This is important!
Quote: " The program is controversial for several reasons - not the least of which is that it is an opt-out rather than opt-in program. " (Check your shipping preferences on your lstings.)
Retail Wire - 10-01-14 - PayPal and eBay to go their separate ways.
Market Watch - 09-30-14 - eBay to spin off PayPal business.
eBay Announcement - 9-30-14 - eBay & PayPal to Become Independent Companies in 2015.
eCommerceBytes - 09-23-14 - eBay Sellers Being Told They Must Accept Returns.
eCommerceBytes - 09-16-14 - New eBay Ad Program Lets Sellers Pay for Added Exposure.
eCommerceBytes - 08-24-14 - Sellers Guide to eBay Fall 2014 Update.
eCommerceBytes - 08-21-14 - eBay Seller Performance Standards Rolled Out on Wednesday.

eCommerceBytes - 08-14-14 - eBay Updates User Agreement and Privacy Policy - Must Read.
Good review and summary.

eCommerceBytes - 08-12-14 - eBay Fall Seller Release: Managed Returns, Some Relief on Defects.
eCommerceBytes - 07-28-14 - eBay May Count Late Deliveries as Item-Not-as-Described Defects.
eCommerceBytes - 07-28-14 - eBay Runs Seller Promo with Special Shipping Bonus for Some.
eCommerceBytes - 07-16-14 - eBay Closing Curation Site Svpply, Founder Kickstarts New Site.
eCommerceBytes - 07-15-14 - eBay Holds Sweepstakes for Business Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 07-15-14 - Sotheby's to Be Anchor Tenant on eBay Live Auctions.
eCommerceBytes - 07-14-14 - eBay Runs Generous Week-long Listing Promotion.
eCommerceBytes - 07-02-14 - Bigcommerce Benefits as eBay Closes ProStores and Magento Go.
eCommerceBytes - 06-30-14 - eBay Runs Pre-Independence Day Auction Promotions.
eCommerceBytes - 06-18-14 - eBay Runs Free Listing Promotion Tied to Sweepstakes.
eCommerceBytes - 06-09-14 - eBay Runs Free Listing Promotion to Boost Auctions.
Auctiva Blog - 06-04-2014 - eBay Experts Take Las Vegas.
eCommerceBytes - 06-03-14 - eBay Shill Bidders Found Selling Their Services.
eCommerceBytes - 06-03-14 - eBay Runs Seller Promotion to Stimulate Listings.
eCommerceBytes - 06-02-14 - eBay Puts More Marketing Power in the Hands of Store Owners.
eBay - 05-29-2014 - Live Webinar: eBay Stores Made Easy. Top tips and real-Store makeovers
Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 at 11:00 AM PST

eBay - 05-21-2014 - Frequently Asked Questions on eBay Password Change.
eBay - 05-21-2014 - eBay Inc. To Ask eBay Users To Change Passwords.
PCMagazine - 05-21-2014 - eBay Urges Users to Change Passwords After Hack.
Internet Retailer - 05-21-2014 - eBay suffers a cyberattack.
eCommerceBytes - 05-21-14 - eBay Hacked!

eBay Radio Party & Conference 2014 - June 17-19, 2014 - Bally's Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
eCommerceBytes - 05-20-14 - Catching Up on eBay's Consignment Services.
eCommerceBytes - 05-13-14 - eBay Gives Thousands of Free Auction Listings to Invited Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 05-09-14 - eBay Revives Live Auctions after a Five Year Absence.
eCommerceBytes - 05-01-14 - eBay Restructures Fees to Revive Ailing Auctions.
eCommerceBytes - 04-29-14 - eBay Runs Free Listing Promotion to Promote Fixed Price Listings.
eCommerceBytes - 04-28-14 - eBay Improves Selling Experience on Mobile Website and Apps.
eCommerceBytes - 04-28-14 - eBay Promotion Offers Half-Off Commission Fees.
eCommerceBytes - 04-17-14 - eBay Runs Another Promotion - Can You List 25,000 Auctions?
eCommerceBytes - 04-08-14 - eBay Gives Away 15,000 Listings in New April Promotion.
Channel Advisor Webinar - Introducing the eBay Defect Rate: eBay Seller Release 14.1 and How It Can Affect Your Sales. Monday, April 7 at 1 p.m. EDT. (See Events page/Webinars.)
eCommerceBytes - 03-26-14 - eBay Expands Global Shipping Program, Overrides Seller Exclusions.
"On Friday, eBay sent letters to sellers in the program informing them it would override their country exclusion lists..."
eCommerceBytes - 03-26-14 - eBay Runs Mother of all Free Listing Promotions.
eCommerceBytes - 03-25-14 - Some Hail eBay's Latest Attempt to Improve Feedback.
eBay - 03-24-2014 - Live Webinar: New Seller Standards. Keep buyers coming back.
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT
eCommerceBytes - 03-24-14 - eBay Uploads YouTube Buyer Guides to Grab Eyeballs.
eCommerceBytes - 03-21-14 - eBay Runs List and Sell Coupon Promotion.
eBay Promotion Page.
eBay 03-20-2014 - Webinar: Get an up-close look at the new seller standards.
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT / 12 MT / 1 CT / 2 ET
Auctiva Blog - 03-18-2014 - 2014 Spring Seller Update Nixes DSRS. (Good, brief summary.)
eCommerceBytes - 03-18-14 - When eBay Sellers Should Escalate Item-Not-Received Claims.
eCommerceBytes - 03-16-14 - Sellers Guide to eBay Spring Update Changes 2014.
eCommerceBytes - 03-14-14 - eBay Runs Auction Promotion with Gallery Plus Thrown In.
Internet Retailer - 03-12-14 - WorldLister Brings New Light to eBay Users as Blackthorne Fades Out.
Internet Retailer - 03-11-14 - eBay changes the way it rates sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 03-11-14 - eBay Changes DSRs in Spring Seller Update.
eCommerceBytes - 03-11-14 - eBay Makes Major Change to Seller Feedback.
eCommerceBytes - 03-11-14 - eBay Proxy Fight Continues Leading up to April Annual Meeting.
eCommerceBytes - 03-10-14 - eBay Patents Smart Hashtags for Social Shopping.
eCommerceBytes - 03-10-14 - eBay Runs Unusual Promo for 99-Cent Auctions.
Auctiva - 03-07-2014 - We've partnered with Alibaba to give you a sneak peek at 100,000 deals up to 90% off wholesale! Alibaba's 24-hour Sale is March 12. (Note: Alibaba does have US wholesalers, but don't know if they are searchable or part of the sale.)
eCommerceBytes - 03-07-14 - eBay Offers Store Owners More Free Listings in March.
eCommerceBytes - 03-04-14 - eBay Has Big Changes Planned for Stores, Readies Promotions Manager.
eCommerceBytes - 03-04-14 - Changes to eBay Stores Are on the Way.
eCommerceBytes - 02-24-14 - Amazon to Catch Up to eBay in Offering Branded Clothing?
Rockville Patch - 02-21-2014 - State Police Use Online Tool to Track Stolen Property Sold on eBay, Pawn Shops.
eCommerceBytes - 02-17-14 - eBay Sellers Not Impressed with Implementation of New Business Policies.
eCommerceBytes - 02-11-14 - eBay to Roll Out New Seller Dashboard.
eCommerceBytes - 02-04-14 - eBay Runs February Free Listing Promotion.
eCommerceBytes - 02-02-14 - Sellers Choice 2014: Merchants Rate Top Online Marketplaces.
Scroll down on the eCommerceBytes page to see individual online marketplace ratings.
eCommerceBytes - 01-28-14 - eBay Retires About Me Pages in Favor of Social Profiles.
eCommerceBytes - 01-24-14 - eBay Runs Free Listing Promotion for All Sellers for Valentine's Day.
eCommerceBytes - 01-22-14 - eBay Releases Fourth Quarter 2013 Earnings.
Internet Retailer - 01-22-14 - eBay reports 13% sales growth and rejects PayPal spinoff

eCommerceBytes - 01-20-14 - Lucky Few Receive Fee-Free eBay Listings in January.
eCommerceBytes - 01-20-14 - Yet Another eBay Promotion: Lowering the Cap on Commission Fees.

eCommerceBytes - 01-16-14 - eBay Retires Off-Site Widgets Including eBay to Go.

eCommerceBytes - 01-16-14 - eBay Loses Head of Enterprise Chris Saridakis.
Internet Retailer - 01-15-14 - eBay Enterprises loses its president.
Chris Saridakis was CEO of GSI Commerce when eBay bought it in 2011.

Website Magazine - 01-14-14 - eBay Announces Ship-from-Store

eCommerceBytes - 01-13-14 - eBay Runs January Promotion to Boost Auction Listings.

eCommerceBytes - 01-05-14 - From the Trenches: An eBay Seller's Guide to Cassini Search.
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