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Current News - eBay Seller News - 2012

This page is news specific to selling on eBay, plus links to informative articles about selling on eBay.

This website is for learning and sharing information about online selling. This is not a newsletter or news magazine, rather a source for how to find selling information and meet other online sellers. This page is a collection of links to news stories and articles from other sources that might be of interest to eBay sellers.

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eBay - 2012 Fall Seller Update

This is important to all online sellers.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear and rule on the right to resell foreign made items with copyright.

The Online Seller - 12-04-12 - eBay Textbook Copyright Case May Impact Online Sellers

The Online Seller - 10-30-12 - Supreme Court Hears Textbook Resale Case

eCommerceBytes - 10-29-12 - Supreme Court Weighs First-Sale Case Affecting eBay, Online Sellers

eCommerceBytes - 10-08-12 - Your Right to Sell on eBay Is in Jeopardy

MarketWatch - 10-4-12 - Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril. It could become illegal to resell your iPhone 4, car or family antiques.

Chronicle - 4-16-12 - Supreme Court Will Hear Case Over Foreign Textbooks Imported and Resold in U.S.

Washington College of Law - 6-12-12 - First Sale Doctrine – Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons

CaseLaw.FindLaw - United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. JOHN WILEY SONS INC v. KIRTSAENG

Another case sighting the same "first sale doctrine".
eCommerceBytes - 09-17-12 - eBay Sellers Sued by Amway Settle with the Company

eCommerceBytes - 12-20-12 - Media Sellers on eBay Can Breath Sigh of Relief
eCommerceBytes - 12-05-12 - eBay's Stunning News - Merges Motors with Core Search
eCommerceBytes - 11-27-12 - Sellers Can Research eBay Pricing on Android Mobile Devices
eCommerceBytes - 11-20-12 - eBay Brings Traffic Reports Online after Prolonged Outage

Update: It appears that eBay has gone back to showing the "Completed listings" option along the left side under "Show Only". Also under "More refinements..." in the same area.
eCommerceBytes - 11-12-12 - Letter to the Editor / eBay Makes It Harder To Access Completed Listings
Read the comments under the letter for additional information. eBay added a tiny option near the top of active listings to search completed listings. (Example: 3,479 active listings | sold listings | completed listings)(See update, changed again.)
eCommerceBytes - 11-27-12 - Sellers Can Research eBay Pricing on Android Mobile Devices

The Online Seller - 10-23-12 - eBay Return Policy: A Closer Look
The Online Seller - 10-23-12 - eBay Revenue Up 15 percent in Q3
Internet Retailer - 10-18-12 - After Q3 earnings, eBay emerges as an e-commerce stock winner
Internet Retailer - 10-18-12 -
eBay sales surge 16% in Q3
eCommerceBytes - 10-17-12 - eBay Makes It Easier to Report Bad Buyers
The Online Seller - 10-17-12 - eBay Changes Reflect the ‘New’ Marketplace
eCommerceBytes - 10-15-12 - eBay Poised to Turn Search on Its Head
eCommerceBytes - 10-15-12 - eBay begins offering flash sales with Rue La La
eCommerceBytes - 10-10-12 - The New eBay Launches - What Do Sellers Think?
eCommerceBytes - 10-13-11 - eBay Reverses Decision to Shrink Photos
eCommerceBytes - 10-10-12 - eBay Launches Redesign and Two-click Checkout
TechCrunch - 10-07-12 - EBay Battles Back With Mobile, Local, Personalization, And A More Streamlined PayPal
eCommerceBytes - 10-09-12 - Sales Tax Burden Looms for Online Sellers
eCommerceBytes - 10-09-12 - eBay Holds Another Private Promotion - Are You Invited?
eCommerceBytes - 10-04-12 - New windows application for eBay sellers
eCommerceBytes - 09-27-12 - eBay Provides Fast 'N Free Shipping Report in Seller Dashboard
eCommerceBytes - 09-26-12 - eBay Eliminates Buyer Addresses from Email Notifications
eCommerceBytes - 09-26-12 - eBay Sellers List 100 Million Items via Mobile
eCommerceBytes - 09-25-12 - Sellers Can Now Share Photos through eBay Messaging System
eCommerceBytes - 09-24-12 - eBay Setify Gets Social with Collectors of Comic Books and Coins
eCommerceBytes - 09-24-12 - eBay's Latest Promotion Is By Invitation Only
eCommerceBytes - 09-20-12 - eBay Clarifies Border-Template Ban, Picky-Buyer Protection

eCommerceBytes - 09-13-2012 - eBay Redesigns Logo to Look Less Quirky, More Contemporary

Internet Retailer - 09-13-12 - eBay tweaks its logo

eBay Web Site - Our New Logo

Internet Retailer - 9-10-12 - eBay buys a shopping recommendation service.
eCommercebytes - 9-07-12 - eBay Acquires Pinterest-Like Shopping Site Svpply.com
Svpply - Add your store. (Closing August 31, 2014)
eCommerceBytes - 07-16-14 - eBay Closing Curation Site Svpply, Founder Kickstarts New Site.
eCommerceBytes - 09-06-2012 - Top 10: Collectibles Sold on eBay l August Auctions (2012)

eCommerceBytes - 09-04-2012 - eBay Stumps Clothing Sellers with New Item Specific Requirement
eCommerceBytes - 09-06-2012 - eBay Fixes Labor Day Glitch that Had Its Clothing Sellers Stumped

eCommerceBytes - 08-31-2012 - eBay Gets on the Groupon Bandwagon with Lifestyle Deals
eCommerceBytes - 08-31-2012 - eBay Runs a Second Long-Term Free-Listing Promotion (Outdoor Sports)
eCommerceBytes - 08-29-2012 - GM of Emerging Verticals Talks about eBay Collectibles Biz
eCommerceBytes - 08-13-12 - Six Days to Take Advantage of Unadvertised eBay Promo

eBay On Location - eBay: On Location - Philadelphia, PA - Wednesday and Thursday, September 5 & 6
Early Bird Registration thru August 13th - $59. After $79.

eCommerceBytes - 07-18-2012 - eBay Replaces Facebook Like with Its Own Buttons

eCommerceBytes - 07-18-2012 - eBay Revenue up 23 Percent in Second Quarter 2012

eCommerceBytes - 07-18-2012 - Exclusive: eBay Confirms Changes to Best Match Search Algorithm

Auctiva/The Online Seller - 07-17-2012 - Experts Predict Growth for eBay’s Q2
eBay Radio Party & Conference 2012 - June 20-21 • Flamingo Las Vegas
Register now through May 18th for just $85!
eBay On Location - eBay: On Location - Denver, CO - Thursday and Friday, May 24—25
eCommerceBytes - 5-2-12 - eBay's Titanium Sellers: Where Are They Now?
Scroll most of the way down the article to see the top 50 chart of who is still active and who is not.
eCommerceBytes - 5-2-12 - eBay Sellers Must Share Their Paid Listing Pages with Big Brands.

eCommerceBytes - 5-2-12 - eBay Sellers Must Share Their Paid Listing Pages with Big Brands.

eBay Spring Checklist 2012 - A Must Read For eBay Sellers.
It's a good summary of the newsletters and email posts below, large, easy to read pdf text version of the check list.

Long list, please click on this link to view. Checklist Spring 2012

Free Monthly Webinar - April 25th Top Rated Seller Webinar

April 25, 2012 Webinar by Lisa Suttora “SmartSourcing: How to Source the Products that Buyers Want!”

At eBay Site 2012 / Found at Dashboard

Starting in April, we'll be able to show you specifically which of your listings would have to be updated to qualify for the new Top-rated service standards. You can also edit your listings now to get ready for these new requirements.

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