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Archived News - Amazon Seller News - 2012 - 2014

This page is archived news specific to selling on Amazon, plus links to informative news articles.

This website is for learning and sharing information about online selling. This is not a newsletter or news magazine, rather a source for how to find selling information and meet other online sellers. This page is a collection of links to news stories and articles from other sources that might be of interest to Amazon sellers, trying to leave out some of the more boring biz stuff.

Current Year: 2016 & 2015 -- Archived Years: 2014 & 2012-2013 At the Bottom

Amazon News & Information Sources:

Amazon Newsletter
Amazon Seller Forum at Amazon Central
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Amazon FAQ
Amazon - Common Questions
Questions about selling on Amazon?
PDF Guide from Amazon - Fufillment By Amazon - Quick Reference Guide - Packaging and Shipping Inventory to Amazon. This page can be saved as a PDF on your computer for easy reference. To save: Print / Save as PDF. Once saved on your computer, it can be enlarged when opened for easier reading.

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success
Amazon News & Articles


eCommerceBytes - 12-22-14 - Amazon to Enforce International Returns Policy.

eCommerceBytes - 12-10-14 - What Sellers Need to Know about Amazon's Make an Offer.

Market Watch - 11-17-14 - Why Amazon keeps cutting prices for consumer goods.

eCommerceBytes - 11-14-14 - Amazon Unveils New High-Volume Listing Fee.

Internet Retailer - 11-13-14 - Amazon and Hachette reach a deal on book prices.
PC Magazine - 11-13-14 - Amazon, Hachette Settle E-Book Dispute.

eCommerceBytes - 11-12-14 - Beware Selling Pez Dispensers through Amazon FBA.

RetailWire - 10-29-14 - Study: Amazon goes all predatory on marketplace sellers. According to new research from Upstream Commerce, Amazon tracks third-party sales on its site and uses that data to sell the most popular items in direct competition with marketplace members.

eCommerceBytes - 10-15-14 - Amazon Tightens Shipping Policies for Third-Party Sellers.

RetailWire - 10-10-14 - Amazon to open pickup shop in Manhattan.

eCommerceBytes - 10-03-14 - Amazon to Close Second Old Fulfillment Center.

eCommerceBytes - 10-01-14 - The Annual Return of Chocolates to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

RetailWire - 09-24-14 - Will Americans give up Amazon for Alibaba?

eCommerceBytes - 09-19-14 - Amazon Explains New DVD Restrictions.

RetailWire - 09-25-14 - Amazon is winning more price battles than not.

eCommerceBytes - 08-15-14 - Amazon to Open Fifth Fulfillment Center in California.

Free Live Webinar with Jessica and Cliff Larrew. How to Create Unique Bundle Listings On Amazon.
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Internet Retailer - 07-28-14 - Amazon launches an online store for 3-D printed wares.

eCommerceBytes - 07-21-14 - Amazon Reminders: FBA Storage Fees, Holiday Restrictions.

Internet Retailer - 07-14-14 - Amazon delivers nearly a third of orders for marketplace sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 06-20-14 - Amazon Health and Beauty Turns Ugly for Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 05-29-14 - Amazon Expands Collectibles with Launch of Coin Store.

Internet Retailer - 05-23-14 - Amazon will deploy thousands more robots in its warehouses this year.

eCommerceBytes - 05-08-14 - How Amazon Merchants and Affiliates Benefit from New Twitter Cart.

eCommerceBytes - 05-04-14 - Competition Heats Up Among Third Party Payment Services.

Internet Retailer - 05-08-14 - Amazon expands Sunday deliveries to 15 more U.S. cities.
Internet Retailer - 05-01-14 -
Amazon expands same-day delivery.

Internet Retailer - 04-29-14 - Amazon launches a wearable technology store.

Internet Retailer - 04-22-14 - Amazon is losing its sales-tax advantage.

KHQ - 04-11-2014 - Amazon Giving Employees $5,000 To Quit?

eCommerceBytes - 04-30-14 - Terapeak Improves Research Tool for eBay and Amazon Sellers.
eCommerceBytes - 04-09-13 - New Terapeak Analytics Tool Supports Magento, eBay and Amazon.

eCommerceBytes - 04-02-14 - Amazon Puts Delivery Lockers to Use for Returns.

eCommerceBytes - 03-31-14 - Five Things to Know About Amazon's New FBA Workflow.

eCommerceBytes - 03-31-14 - Amazon Raises Fees for Low-Priced Items.

Amazon Services (from an email) - 03-28-14 - Quote from email: Dear Seller, We are writing to notify you that products in the following categories will have a new minimum referral fee of $1.00 per item. This minimum referral fee only affects items with a total sales price lower than the amounts shown in the table below. To give you time to plan for this fee change, it will not take effect until May 16, 2014. -- The $1.00 per item minimum referral fee for Electronics Accessories products already applies to sellers on the Professional selling plan. Effective May 16, 2014, the $1.00 per item minimum referral fee for Electronics Accessories products will also apply to sellers on the Individual selling plan. -- For more information on fees, including full fee schedules and examples, search for “referral fees” in seller help. Thank you for selling on Amazon.com.

Spreecast - Amazon Junkies - by Andy Slamans - Join Michelle Darden and I as we discuss all things amazon.
Sunday May 18, 2014 7:00pm CDT.

eCommerceBytes - 03-20-14 - Amazon Lets Merchants Integrate 3P Solutions on Webstores.

eCommerceBytes - 03-14-14 - Will Amazon Prime Fee Increase Affect Merchant Sales?

Internet Retailer - 03-12-14 - Amazon has big growth plans.

Internet Retailer - 03-11-14 - Will Amazon develop its own delivery fleet?

eCommerceBytes - 03-10-14 - Amazon Launches New Mobile App for Sellers.
Amazon launched a new mobile app called Amazon Seller designed for third-party merchants. Currently the app is available only for the Apple iOS platform.
Amazon Forum: Amazon Seller Mobile App
eCommerceBytes - 03-09-14 - Amazon iOs Seller App Consolidates Sourcing and Listing.

eCommerceBytes - 03-07-14 - Amazon Launches Pilot to Test 3D Printed Products.

Internet Retailer - 03-05-14 - Amazon Prime has “room to expand,” a research firm says.

Internet Retailer - 03-03-14 - 5 Reasons Amazon Wins at E-Commerce

eCommerceBytes - 02-27-14 - Amazon Puts Brakes on Novelty Items
eCommerceBytes - 02-24-14 -
Going with Amazon's New FBA Shipment Workflow.

eCommerceBytes - 02-24-14 - Amazon Lets Visitors 'Shop Now' on Sites Across the Web.

eCommerceBytes - 02-24-14 - Amazon to Catch Up to eBay in Offering Branded Clothing?

eCommerceBytes - 02-02-14 - Sellers Choice 2014: Merchants Rate Top Online Marketplaces.
Scroll down the page to see individual online marketplace ratings.

eCommerceBytes.com - 01-27-14 - Amazon Hides Listings with Missing or Incorrect UPCs.

eCommerceBytes.com - 01-07-14 - Jewelry Sellers on Amazon.com Facing Intense Scrutiny.

Prior to 2014

ChannelAdvisor - 07-31-13 - Don’t Neglect these New Amazon Listing Requirements

EcommerceBytes.com - 08-28-12 - California Court Sides With Amazon - Tre Milano Infringement Case

Internet Retailer - 08-24-12 - Amazon wins a marketplace ruling.
The California dispute involves counterfeit items sold on Amazon.

eCommercebytes - 7-22-12 - Seller Uses Amazon Webstore to Power Online Toy Store

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Amazon Stores and Programs

Amazon is a complex venue, and it can be confusing at first. In addition to Amazon's own gigantic online store, Amazon has an affiliate program, aStores, a seller program, zStores, and web stores.

Amazon Affiliate Program:
Amazon Affiliate Program (Commissioned referral program. Examples.)

aStores are for the Amazon Affiliate Program:
What is aStore?
aStore for Amazon Associates (Affiliates)

Amazon Seller Program:
Sell on Amazon (Seller accounts come with a zStore.)

zStores are for the Amazon Seller Program:
Example of an Amazon zStore (The zStore comes with a seller account.)

Amazon Web Store:
Amazon Web Store
- eCommerce Websites from Amazon.
Amazon's stand alone eCommerce web sites, with hosting and ecommerce features.

Fulfillment By Amazon - 42 YouTube Videos (Examples)

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

How to Label Products for Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Seller Success Stories

How to Pack boxes for Shipment to an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Tour of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA Business Guidance: Let's talk about Inventory Management

How to Prep Apparel, Fabric, Plush and Textiles for Fulfillment
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