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Purses and Accessories
Designer purses are popular and popular to counterfeit. This page is about learning about purses and how to identify fake purses. Many of the links are to retail purse sellers, these are good sources to learn about purses, styles, and vintage purses. Keep in mind that identifying authentic purses is not an easy task and even an expert might made an error and designer companies are not very forthcoming in giving out authentication details and facts.
General Purse Information

Purse Information

Kohl's.com - Product Guides, has a quick summary and shape pictures of the basic purse styles.

Shoulder Bag

DesignerHandbags.info - Good web site for information and the history of designer purse brands.

Wikipedia.org - A good source of designer purse histories.

Wikifoundry Handbags - From Handbag Basics to the Handbag Hall of Fame, this wiki was created as a place for handbag lovers to share their appreciation for the form and function of this most essential and artful accessory.

Nordstrom - Very good list of designer purses.

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Designer Fashion News

Internet Retailer - 12-17 -2015 - U.S. government calls on Alibaba to do more to fight counterfeiting.

Internet Retailer - 07-28 -2015 - Pricy fakes spur luxury retailers to fight online fraud.

Internet Retailer - 01-06 -2015 - Coach plans to buy luxury shoemaker Stuart Weitzman.

Designer Purse Web Sites & Forums

Designer Purse Web Sites

Designer Handbags - Excellent list of designer purses and a brief summary of the brand.
ThePursePage.com - Interesting examples, celebrity pictures, and good list of designer purses.
Malleries.com - Several high end Designer Purse lines.

More Retail Purse/Clothes Web Sites For Reference

Bag Snob
The Budget Babe

Forums - Discussion forums.

TheBagForum - General purse discussion forum.

PurseForum - Busy purse discussion forum.

PurseBlog - Five Basic Steps for Safe Online Resale Shopping.

HubPages - Numerous Articles For Spotting Fake Designer Purses.

Identifying Fake Verses Authentic Purses

Fake/Authentic Designer Purses - Web Sites For Spotting Fake or Identifying Authentic Designer Purses.

DesignersLA - Made in China: Designer handbag fashion totally misunderstood.

eBay Reviews and Guides - Fake or Authentic search for designer purses.

HubPages - Numerous Articles For Spotting Fake Designer Purses.





The Counterfeit Report - Good list of manufacturers, marketplace counterfeit complaints statistics, picture examples of fakes, and more.


Authentication Services

AuthenticationFirst - Leading authority for high end designer authentication. This is an online service so via pictures it can be used as a pre-sell or pre-purchase service. List of brands. Our mission is to provide personal authentication services and to help answer authenticity questions for handbags, wallets, and other accessories.

Tips - Caring For And Repairing Purses

Purse Tips

eHow - How to Repair a Purse or Handbag.

There are companies that repair Handbags, such as: Bag, Borrow or Steal - BagFix - Fortunas - Coach.

RodenLeather.com - All About Leathers. Top Grain-Nubuk-Distressed-More.

Margarets - GuideToHandbagCare.

TexCyn - Our blog is help educate new and small sellers on buying wholesale and reselling at a profit.

TexCyn Wholesale


The Art of Selling Used Women’s Shoes - Suzanne a. Wells video & ebook.
Top 5 women’s shoes we sell on ebay - Suzanne a. Wells.

What shoe brands to sell on E-bay - 10-19-14 - Thrift Store Resale



Spot Fake Handbags.com - Has information about designer brand sunglasses.

Unknown Source
List of Designer Brands
I add things as I go through my notes or come across something on a search, but if you know of a relevant link or if you have written an article, please contact me so we can share it with other readers of this site.

Bottega Veneta

Spot Fake Handbags - Bottega Veneta



Spot Fake Handbags - Burberry



eBay has many Review and Guide articles written buy various individuals. Here is one on Chanel purses.

How to spot a fake Chanel

Spot Fake Handbags - Chanel


Wikipedia.org - Chanel

Real vs Fake:
Chanel Bag

Portero Luxury

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Bag

See More:
Three Videos

Michael's, The Consignment Shop
for Women


Christian Dior

Spot Fake Handbags - Christian Dior



Official Coach Website



Our Goodwill Store - How to authenticate Coach bags. GOOD ARTICLE.

PurseForum - Coach Hang Tag Question - Metal Hang Tag.

Spot Fake Handbags - Coach

Squidoo Articles - Example: How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags.

The All Coach Partner Auction

The Bag Forum

Wikipedia.org - Coach

Articles posted on eBay: - eBay Guide:
Authentic vs Fake: History of the Coach Creed-Serial #by: mrharley747
Coach Buying Guide for Newbies
Coach Creeds - the Basic Facts by: salearea
Coach Creeds - the Basic Facts (Additional) by: salearea
Coach Creeds-What They Mean!! by: nausetgirl7
Coach Hand Bag or Purse - Is Yours Authentic or Fake
How to spot a fake Coach bag by: to.much.stuf
Picture Guide for Coach Hang Tags

eBay Reviews - Coach


Dooney and Bourke

Spot Fake Handbags - Dooney and Bourke


Ed Hardy

Spot Fake Handbags - Ed Hardy



Spot Fake Handbags - Fendi



eBay Reviews - Gucci

Spot Fake Handbags - Gucci



The Purse Blog - Gucci

eBay Seller's About Page - Aegiale Vintage - Lots of pictures of Gucci tags.


Article at the BagSnob.com web site - Gucci & Christie's offer vintage appraisal service.

Gucci.com - Contact & Repairs

PurseForum.com - Gucci Repairs

Wikipedia.org - Gucci

Jewelry.com-Designer Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings


Spot Fake Handbags - Hermes

Real vs Fake:
Hermès Bag

Portero Luxury

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

See More:
Three Videos

Michael's, The Consignment Shop
for Women


Juicy Couture

wikipedia.org - Juicy Couture

Spot Fake Handbags-Juicy Couture

Answers.com - How do you tell if juicy couture purse is a fake?

Articles posted on eBay: - eBay Guide:
Spotting fake Juicy Couture handbags - part one
eBay Guide - Authentic Juicy Couture Tags, Labels Compare to fakes
eBay Guide - FAKE Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bags - 16 articles
eBay Guide - Fake Juicy Couture Pet Carrier, Handbags, Sellers
eBay Guide - Spotting the Fakes: Juicy Couture Handbag


Kate Spade

iHateCounterfeitBags.info - Information about Kate Spade handbags.
iHateCounterfeitBags.info - Examples of fake handbags.

Nordstrom - Kate Spade Diaper Bag

wikipedia.org - Kate Spade

Internet Retailer - 10-02-14 - How Kate Spade’s little sister is carving out her own identity online. "Kate Spade Saturday" lets online shoppers design their own bags.


Louis Vuitton

The Lady Bag - Retail site with good examples of vintage Louis Vuitton.

eBay Guide - How to Spot Fake LV Louis Vuitton: Authentic Guide # 4

Spot Fake Handbags - Louis Vuitton

CarolDiva.com - Authentication Service for Louis Vuitton.

wikipedia.org - Louis Vuitton

Real vs Fake:
Louis Vuitton Bag

Portero Luxury


Marc Jacobs

Spot Fake Handbags - Marc Jacobs



Spot Fake Handbags - Mulberry


Ralph Lauren

Pattern styles are poplular with certain designer.

To define:
Herringbone - Merriam-Webster
Houndstooth - Merriam-Webster

her·ring·bone - Google



Spot Fake Handbags - Prada



YourNextShoes - How to Spot Fake UGGs: 10 Easy Things to Check.



Spot Fake Handbags - Versace

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