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Selling and Identifying Glass & Ceramics
This page gives sources of information about glass and ceramics. There are whole books written on pottery and glass, this is a resourse page for the basics of finding these learning resources.
Types of Glass (Just a few examples.)

Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass Association

Carnival Glass 101

Collector's Weekly - Glassware

David Doty's Carnival Glass Website

Wikipedia - Carnival Glass

Cut Glass & Pattern Glass

American Cut Glass Association

eBay Guides - gaelic1186

Pattern Glass - Retail and Consignment Shop.
Pattern Glass has a tutorial for learning about Pattern Glass.

Art Glass

Glass Made Transparent by Tiny Esveld

Murano Glass

Vaseline Glass

eBay - Pottery & Glass - Vaseline Glass

eBay - What Vaseline Glass is.... and What it is Not.... by ladylittlevoice

Kovels - Vaseline Glass

Pattern Glass - Quote: "It's gotta glow Green to be Vaseline!" according to Dave Peterson

Vaseline and Uranium Glass (ca. 1930s) - Quote: Vaseline glass, ... is a term for the transparent yellow to yellow-green glass that owes its color to its uranium content.

Pottery Factory Marks & Artists' Signatures

Ceramic, Pottery and Porcelain Marks

About.com - Pottery and Porcelain Marks - Marks and Signatures on Pottery, Porcelain and China

Antique-China-porcelain-Collectibles - Antique China Porcelain & Collectibles is a working site of Nacq Partners, Ltd., now located in Georgetown, Texas. Example: RS Germany and RS Prussia Porcelain Marks.

Antiques to Jewelry - China Marks and Factories.

Books.Google - Free eBooks - Pottery and Porcelain of All Times and Nations: With Tables of Factory and ...
Books.Google - Free eBooks - A General History of Porcelain, Volume 2

Books.Google - Free eBook - Pottery and Porcelain of All Times and Nations: With Tables of Factory and ...
I have no idea how many pages in this book, but this link goes to page 434.

eHow - How to Date Old Cups From the 1800s

Figurines-Sculpture - Pottery Marks Explained.
Figurines-Sculpture - The Identifying Pottery Marks Forum.
Figurines-Sculpture - Antique China Values - Roadshow Style. Fee Charged.

From Times Past - How to Research Teacup Marks.

Gutenberg.org - China and Pottery Marks by Unknown.
Project Gutenberg offers 44,713 free ebooks to download.

Ink Spot Antiques - Ceramics and Porcelain Identification Links - Long list of Ceramics ID Links.

International Ceramics Directory- A free and independent directory of contemporary and historical ceramics.

Kovels - Pottery & Porcelain Marks.
Kovels - Pottery & Porcelain Price Guide

Love to Know Antiques - Determining the Value of Pink Depression Glass.

Luxury Web Magazine - The Potteries

Old and Sold - Guide To Pottery & Porcelain Marks.

Perfect Pieces - Online Antique Pottery Marks Guide.

Porcelain Marks and More - This is an index of all manufacturers included on this site, sorted alphabetically by town or city name and including the state it is located in.

Pottery Magic - Pottery Trade Marks.

Squiddo Article by Shar - Pottery Marks/Hallmarks...Identifying Them Just Got Easier!

Suite101 - Using Ceramic and Pottery Marks to Identify Makers.

The Arlecchino Antique Shop - Many examples of marks. - We specialize in antique books, antique maps, antique bottles, antique postcards, rare books, old books, antique prints, antique dealers, capodimonte, collectible plates, antique dishes, antique pottery, porcelain figurines, antique silver, antique glass, antique shops, antiques and collectibles.

Helpful Resources About Glass & Ceramics

Information Sources & Articles

Collector's Corner Resource Links - eCommerceBytes has a large list of collectible information.

Bernideens' Blog - Collecting Cups and Saucers.

eBay - Reviews & Guides - Pottery & Glass Selling Guide.

Love to Know Antiques - Antique Glass and China.

Our Antique Shop - Collecting, buying, & selling antiques in the online world. Our Antique Shop is a place where antique collectors can come to learn about.

Pottery Magic - Differences Between Pottery and Ceramics, Identifying Pottery, Dating Pottery, and more.

Antique Porcelain Collector - A Timeline of British Porcelain Manufactories.
Antique Porcelain Collector - A Short History of Porcelain.
Antique Porcelain Collector - Collecting Porcelain (3) - Dating.

Retail Shops for Reference

Antique Porcelain and Fine Art - Austrian, German, English, French, and More.

eFine Antiques - Decorative Bowls, Cups, Plates, Vases, More.

Lady of the Lake - Antique China & Collectibles from Lady of the Lake ~ Vintage Tea Cups, Page One.

Meissen - Meissen Couture is Europe’s most tradition-rich house of fine art and hand-crafted luxury. History.

Neeleys Antiques - Neeley's Antiques & Collectibles.

Silversnow Antiques and More - (at TIAS Mall ) - All China & Dinnerware

TIAS / The Internet Antique Shop - Merchant Mall.

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