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Collectibles - General Information & Identifying Collectibles
This page is general information about collectibles. After sourcing and selling online for many years, I have come to the firm belief that everything is collectible, just not everything is valuable. This page is just to share some thoughts about a few collectibles. There are additional pages in this site for some specific categories.
Collectibles In The News

eCommerceBytes - 04-27-2016 - eBay Allows Sellers to Pay Extra to Promote Collectibles.

eCommerceBytes - 03-13-2016 - Marketplace Doubles as Wikipedia-Style Resource.

eCommerceBytes - 12-13-2015 - The State of Online Collectibles 2015.

Terapeak - 03-25-2015 - What is Nostalgia Worth? Vintage Goods a $1.1 Billion Market on eBay.

Star-Telegram - 02-09-2015 - Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson autograph photo may bring $100,000.

eBay Resources - Collectibles
eBay Reviews and Guides Main Page - This is a good place to start when researching products, many individuals have contributed a lot of very valuable information about everything from collectibles to dating and authenticating items.

eBay - Reviews & Guides - Collectibles Selling Guide

eBay - Reviews & Guides - Sports Memorabilia Selling Guide

Collectibles Resources

Various Collectibles Resources

About.comCollectibles - General info about collecting and collectibles.
About.comCollectibles - Free Online Price Guides for Collectibles.

Barnebys - All auctions in one place. Search and find everything in auctions, antiques and collectibles from all over the world. Also see their reference page Barnepedia.
eCommerceBytes - 12-04-2015 - Can Barnebys Become the Google of Auctions?

Collectible Detective - The Largest Vintage & Antique Guide on the Web.

Collector's Corner Resource Links - eCommerceBytes has a large list of collectible information and sources.

CollectorsWeekly.com - In-depth information (including top eBay auctions) on 1,200 antique and vintage categories. News, commentary, and interviews on our daily blog. You can post and discuss your favorite finds with other collectors.

DoYouRemember - Great site for doing research, categories like advertisements, books, cars, cartoons, celebrities, Disney, fashion, games, and on and on and on. Tremendous resource site, and very fun!

Gemr - A social community for collectors to discuss, learn, and trade with others. On Twitter.

GoAntiques.com - GoAntiques is an online retail and auction marketplace for antiques and collectibles.

HobbyDB - Building a giant database of every collectible ever made – from diecast cars to action figures to comic books to corkscrews. Marketplace where users can list their items for sale, build wish lists and receive alerts when stuff they want to buy goes up for sale. Management system where users can upload images and record data about their own collectibles.

IAntiqueOnline.ningcom - "Join FREE now and enjoy sharing with others about your collectibles interest, what you are buying or selling, your online store and more ..."

Lofty - Lofty is an expert-curated, online marketplace for valuable fine arts, antiques and collectibles.
eCommerceBytes - 02-23-2014 - Lofty.com MarketplaceAppraises and Ships Items for You.
Would a marketplace that offers free expert appraisals, lets you use cell-phone photos, and sends a courier to pack and ship sold items, entice you to consign with them?

News-Antique.com - Art, Antique, and Collectible News.

OnlineCollectibles.com - Frequently Asked Questions About Antiques and Collectibles.

Paul Fraser Collectibles - Excellent Info, from Art and Antiques toWatches and Wine.
Paul Fraser Collectibles Newsletter & Paul Fraser Collectibles Blog.
Paul Fraser Collectibles - 08-21-2014 - The World’s Biggest Collection - Largely because he’s one of the richest men in Brazil – and he cannot stop buying records.

Real or Repo - Various Collectibles Discussed.

TAIS - The International Antique Shop - Retail sales, but good source of information.

The People History - News and Events, Prices and Popular Culture in history from 1920 to modern day.

The Vintage Village - Articles about finding, identifying, clean, and selling collectibles.

Value This Now - Online appraisal service.

Wikicollecting - Is a free, open-source guide to the world of collecting. It features thousands of encyclopaedia entries, auction catalogues and realised prices, top 10 lists, collecting guides and collectibles news from around the world.
Users can create their own pages, or add their knowledge to existing articles – with the aim of building the world's largest free online collecting community.

World Collectors Net - By collectors for collectors since 1996. You will find hundreds of pages on: featured collectables, antiques & collecting related articles, collecting price guides and more!

WorthPoint - Price guide with over 70 Million prices realized from multiple venues – including eBay, GoAntiques, TIAS & the world’s leading auction houses.
eCommerceBytes - 04-01-2016 - Price Guide Explores Crowd-Investing to Grow Beyond eBay.

Interesting Collectibles

Collectorism - A place where you can showcase your collection and the passion behind it. There’s no need to pay a fortune to have your own website anymore. It’s a place to meet fellow collectors without having the trouble of traveling to distant conferences or fairs. A platform that allows you to exchange your items with anyone from anywhere in the world. A chance to acquire new items every day!

Collectorism is the world’s largest collectors club. And the best thing? It’s FREE to join!

Bakelite & Lucite

How to test for Bakelite plastic
Vavoom Vintage Blog

About.com - Vintage Bakelite Jewelry.
About.com - Ways to Test Bakelite for Authenticity.
eBay Guide - Vintage Jewlery Identifying Bakelite Guide.
eBay Guide - Bakelite & Catalin: All you need to know + Testing.
eBay Guide - A Hill Thrll Guide to Test for Bakelite Plastic.
eCommerceBytes - Collector's Corner: Bakelite.
Real or Repo - Is it Bakelite? How to Decide if it's Old, Repro, Fake or a Look-alike.

EstateSales.org - 17 Photos of All Things Vintage Lucite.


Christmas4ever.com - Retail vintage Christmas ornaments.

Danbury.Ladnerweb.com - Extensive list of Danbury mint gold Christmas ornaments.


Fashion-Era.com - The Costume Detective- How to Date a Photograph Using Costume History.

Collector Corner @ eCommerceBytes

Collectors Corner - 09-013-2015 - Vintage Mail-Order Catalogs.
Collectors Corner - 08-09-2015 - Collectors Corner: Luggage Labels and Baggage Tags.


Figurines, Sculptures & Fine China

PewterManor.com - Retail web site with a good list and photographs of pewter figures.

Figurines-Sculpture - Pottery Marks Explained.
Figurines-Sculpture - The Identifying Pottery Marks Forum.
Figurines-Sculpture - Antique China Values - Roadshow Style. Fee Charged.

Hobbies, Crafts & Sewing

Vintage Sewing - Sewing Machines, Sewing Tools, Sewing Items, and More.

License Plates

eBay For Business Blog - 03-18-2015 - License to Sell: This Duo Turned a Hobby Into a Serious Business.

ALPCA -Scroll down their page for a list of upcoming Meetings for License Plate Collectors.
Automobile License Plate Collectors Association.

Collectible Detective - List of License Plate sellers and collectors.

Knowledge Encyclopedia - Plate of the Year.

Rick Kretschmer's License Plate Archives - License Plate Collector - Historian - Spotter.

Turner Plates - A selection of license plates for plate collectors, decorators, crafters, and auto enthusiasts.


Military Trader - News, Blog, Classifieds, Magazine, and more.

Military Trader - 09-03-14 - eBay, Gov’t Regs, International Sanctions: What’s a Collector to do?
Many new online sellers do not realize how compicated it can be to try and sell military collectibles.

Playing Cards

KEM Playing Cards - How to date KEM playing cards.

Porcelain, China, Silver - More on Selling and Identifying Glass & Ceramics Page.

Porcelain Marks & More

Replacements.com - Fine China, Crystal and Silver.

RoyalPaysCash.com - A guide to silver purity.


eBay Guide by kimfinkdogs - What is Soapstone? Test if it's Genuine? Caring For?

Soapstone Carving

Collectibles on Facebook - There are tons of pages on FB, these are just a few to give you some search ideas. When you find a page on Facebook, along the right side, there will be a list of suggestions to similar pages on Facebook.
Vintage Lovers Village Unique Vintage Costume Jewelry And Accessories Show Me Your Vintage!
Vintage toys 60s 70s 80s Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes

Antique & Vintage Sale Online

Toys From The 50s 60s And 70s Vintage toys buy and sell

Vintage Antiques - Identification & Sales

What's Selling on eBay

Antiques & Collectables Buy & Sell Australia

Horror DVD & BD Collectors
The Complete eBay Marketing System
468x60 Pemium Electronic Cigarette
iCollector - Live Auctions
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