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This web site generates income from ads and links in this web site. (Disclosure statements are at the bottom of this page.) Thank you.

This web site is a work in progress,
please check back for new additions.

Social Media How-Tos
Tips for how to Promote Your Online Business on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You don't have to bury yourself in social media, just pick out one or two that interest you and go with them.
Social Media Websites

There are so many, some specialized for a groups or interests, but these are some of the most popular ones.

Click Here or Scroll Down For Info & Helpful Tips for these Social Sites, such as how to unfollow people, picture size requirements and more.

Facebook LinkedIn Reddit
Google - Plus.Google.com Pintrest Tumblr
Instagram RebelMouse Twitter
Social Media Articles, Helpful Sites, & Tools

Using Social Sites to Promote Your Online Selling

Here are some ideas to get you started.
See Events and Webinar pages in this website for Social Media happenings.

Add Shoppers - 2014 Social Commerce Breakdown. (Hoover over each block of info.)

AddThis 01-11-2016 - 5 Social Media Marketing Lessons We Learned in 2015.
AddThis 12-10-2014 -
Best Times to Post on Social Media During the Winter Holidays.
AddThis 04-03-2014 -
When’s the Best Day and Time to Post on Social Media?
AddThis 04-10-2014 -
10 Tips to Get More Followers for Your Site.

App iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. - Everypost for Social Media: Twitter, Facebook & Google+ - With Everypost now you can manage your Facebook and Google+ pages and also your Linkedin companies and now you are able to Schedule your posts to send them later in your preferred times.

Amazon Related - Lisa Suttora - 08-05-2013 - Pros & Cons of Marketing with Amazon’s New Pinterest-esque “Amazon Collections”.

Auctiva.edu - 06-26-2014 - Up Your Twitter Game - Tips to draw more Twitter followers.
Auctiva.edu - 08-24-2014 -
How Often Should You Post On Social? by Dennis L. Prince.
Auctiva.edu - 04-14-2014 - Recharge Your Social Media Efforts - Making the most of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. by Brad and Debra Schepp

Bitly - Shorten your links. Sites such as Twitter limit the letter count of your posts, Bitly will shorten links.

BoostBlog - 06-05-2105 - Are You Talking to Me? Understanding Social Media Demographics.

Brian Moran
First - Learn How to Create Your Own Facebook Page.
Then - Learn How to Monetize Your Facebook Page.

Channel Advisor - 4th Quarter 2014 Report - Top 25 online retailers by total fan count at the end of Q4.
Top 25 Facebook Fan Pages (scroll to page 5). #1 Walmart, #2 Victoria's Secret ...

Channel Advisor - Free eBook - Growing Your Sales with Pinterest.

eBay - Promoting your items on other sites.

eBay Social Social Media Best Practices.

eCommerceBytes - 02-05-2016 - Upvotes and Downvotes - The World of Reddit.

Jeff Bullas - 101 Tips to Grow Your Web Traffic.

Internet Retailer - 10-06-2015 - Will an easier-to-use Twitter lead to more users (and ad dollars)?
Internet Retailer - 03-19-2015 -
Should retailers prepare to go over the top? "OTT mobile messaging apps like Kik, WhatsApp and TangoTxt are becoming bigger than wireless carriers."
Internet Retailer - ZMags Social Media How-To Kit - (Free Download.)

Louisechelle Blog - 06-10-2015 - Be Free From Game Requests on Facebook.

Marketo - 3 New Social Marketing Cheat Sheets.
Marketo -
How to Market Your Brand on Pintrest.
Marketo (on Facebook) - The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing.
Marketo (on Facebook) - The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing - A Marketo Workbook. Enjoy 80+ Pages Packed with Social Marketing Tips and Best Practices.

MarketWatch - 11-03-2015 - This academic study of people who post selfies confirms everything you suspect.
MarketWatch - 05-21-2014 - Lonely people share too much on Facebook.

Netlingo - List of Chat Acronyms & Text Shorthand.

PCMag - 04-13-2016 - How to Find and Use a Facebook Chatbot.
PCMag - 07-09-2015 -
Facebook Update Makes it Easier to Stalk Your Friends.

Pro Blogger - 10-24-2014 - A Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful.

Retail Wire - 04-13-2015 - Why do Millennials use Facebook and Twitter?

SiteProNews - 04-29-2016 - 15 SEO Rules for Today’s Online Content Creator.

SmallBizTrends 04-20-2016 - How to Implement Millennial Marketing with Snapchat.

SocialMediaMonthly - The first and only print magazine devoted exclusively to the world of social media.

Snip.ly - Wouldn't it be awesome if you could share great content, but still get click-throughs back to your own website? Now you can—with Sniply! With Sniply, you can add your own custom call-to-action with every page you share on social media.

The Info Pond - Social Networks

The Power of Social Media Marketing - Boost your business by tapping a built-in audience.
by Sarah Brown - 03-31-2014 - Auctiva.Edu

The Washington Post - 05-25-2015 - A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,000.

Twitter Simplified - by Danna Crawford
Twitter - Top 10 Twitter Etiquette Tips - By Susan Gunelius
Twitter Etiquette: 24 Guidelines to Tweet By - 10-25-2011 - Heidi Cohen
Twitter - 10 Commandments of Twitter Etiquette - 04-07-2010 - by Vadim Lavrusik

Website Magazine - 03-18-2015 - 10 Facebook Business Page Features You Should Be Using.
Website Magazine - 02-04-2015 - 4 Social Media Updates to Make Right Now.
Website Magazine - 10-22-2014 - Quick Guide to Advertising on Social Media.
Website Magazine - 10-01-2014 - 6 Tips for Foolproof Social Media Design.

WomenLoveTech - 05-26-2015 - How To Decide Who Will Inherit Your Facebook Account.

From Laughing Colours
Social Media News

News & Articles for Social Media

SmallBizTrends - 04-29-2016 - Launch Your Own Movie Channel With Unreel.me Video Streaming.

PCMag - 04-08-2016 - Chat on Facebook Messenger With Codes, Links, and Usernames.

PCMag - 03-16-2016 - Your Instagram Feed Will Soon Highlight Best Photos First.

InternetRetailer - 02-04 -2016 - Instagram introduces 60-second video ads.

InternetRetailer - 01-18 -2016 - How SunFrog Shirts drives impulse buys on Facebook.

eCommerceBytes - 12-18-2015 - Pinterest Rolls Out New Shopping Feature.

InternetRetailer - 11-03-2015 - More consumers can buy on Pinterest.

eCommerceBytes - 10-16-2015 - Should Online Sellers Build a Presence on Snapchat?

InternetRetailer - 10-12-2015 - Facebook makes a major e-commerce move.

InternetRetailer - 10-05-2015 - A lot more retailers can now sell directly on Pinterest.

eCommerceBytes - 10-02-2015 - News for Merchants Eager to Sell on Twitter, YouTube.

eCommerceBytes - 09-16-2015 - Stripe Powers New Twitter Buy Button.

eCommerceBytes - 09-04-2015 - Twitter to Soon Open Buy Buttons to Small Merchants.

eCommerceBytes - 08-26-2015 - Don't Count on Getting Access to Pinterest Buy Buttons.

PCMag - 07-21-2015 - Instagram Adds Web Search.

InternetRetailer - 07-09-2015 - How retailers can score a deal on Facebook’s mobile app install ads.

eCommerceBytes - 07-06-2015 - Pinterest Creates Wait List for Online Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 07-03-2015 - Facebook Swap-Meets Attract eBay Buyers and Sellers.

InternetRetailer - 06-10-2015 - Facebook lets some Shopify merchants try out its Buy button.

eCommerceBytes - 06-03-2015 - Merchants Can Soon Sell Directly on Pinterest.

AdWeek - 03-11-2015 - Report: Brands Are Now Posting More to Instagram Than Facebook.

eCommerceBytes - 02-16-2015 - Pinterest Kills Affiliate Links as It Readies a Buy Button.

eCommerceBytes - 02-11-2015 - Facebook Makes It Easier to Sell in Facebook Groups.

Archived Social Media News is at the bottom of the page. Some info remains interesting or relevant, like on Facebook how to Silence Annoying Friends. :)

How To Use HashTags #

A "#" then word/phrase and no spaces - began at Twitter and they suggest a limit of 2 per Tweet.

ActOnSoftware - 6 Tips for More Effective Hashtags.

LocoWise - 11-12-2015 - Are Hashtags Overrated And Overused? The Surprising Effect Of Social Media #’s.

Mashable 10-08-2013 - The Beginner's Guide to the Hashtag.
Includes a list of social media that accept hashtags.

Piqora - The Instagram Hashtag Report.

Site Pro News - 02-28-2014 - Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing.

Twitter - Learn the Basics - Note: Hoover over the "#" in the row of 7 little icons to see the definition.

Twitter Help - Using hashtags on Twitter.

Websta - Top 100 Tags.

WikiHow - How to Use Hashtags With Twitter.


Blogging - Can really help put you and your store out there. Requires real content, example, an informative article about carnival glass, then add a link to your online store where you sell vintage glassware. Help articles are good, such as, how to clean items, how to find garage sales, best places to find books. Or tell a story about an interesting item you sold, or how you started selling online. Daily blogging is not required, there are no rules on frequency.

The free blogging platforms normally come with restricts on what kind of article (they want substance), accepting advertising (they may only allow approved ads), the length of an article (minimum to show good content), etc., but they are still a good way to start blogging quickly and easily, and usually for free.

Blogger - Is a web-based tool that helps you publish to the web.
Blogspot - Is a weblog-hosting service run by the folks who make Blogger.
Hubpages - Community blogging site. Free
Ghost - Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy.
Medium - Read about anything. Write about everything. It’s better when you’re a part of it.
Movable Type - Blogging software.
Squidoo - Community blogging site. Free
Tumblr - We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it.
WordPress.org - Is the blogging "Software". It can be easy 1-click installed on most paid hosting services.
WordPress.com - Is a free WordPress "Hosting" service, but with restrictions on ads and things.

For some of you wanting to try WordPress or Joomla free, check out CloudAccess Hosting Service. They offer a free, ready to go WordPress or Joomla site, which can be updated to a paid site. There is a limitation, "Free sites are limited to sub-domains. You can upgrade later if a custom domain name is requred". Still, it could give you the chance to try out WordPress or Joomla without paying for hosting. My opinion, WordPress is best for non-techie people, to me Joomla is more complicated, but both have a lot of tutorials and YouTube videos available to help even the most basic beginner.

WordPress Overview
Peter J Ricci

Blogging Help & Tips

FindAHostingSite - For blogging info.

How to Start a Blog - A Step-By-Step Guide.

PearlsOfDreams - WordPress Tips.

YouTube - An Overview of WordPress 3.9 by Bob Dunn.
YouTube - How to insert eBay listings in your Wordpress blog with the Wordbay plugin.

There are many, many articles and videos for how to start a blog.

Email Marketing

eCommerceBytes - Email List Hosting Services.

DotMailer - Marketing Automation platform with email at its core. World-class integrations make it extenible, fast and lean. Fast, powerful marketing automation that allows you to manage all stages of your email marketing activity.

MailChimp - Email marketing service. Many plugins for using with WordPress.

eCommerceBytes - 02-09-2016 - How to Charm Shoppers with Your Marketing Emails.

eCommerceBytes - 08-09-2015 - Email Triggers Hit the Target for Online Sellers.

WebsiteMagazine - 05-18-2015 - The Best Email Subject Line.

YouTube Video - Mailchimp vs. Aweber: The Email Marketing Debate.

Webinars & Courses Related to Email Marketing

WebsiteMagazine - Join Website Magazine's new free course on achieving greater success with email marketing initiatives. Learn how to design, develop and deploy campaigns for optimal results. Accelerate your 'Net success and sign up today!

Windsor Circle - Webinar Archives.
Windsor Circle - Crafting A Personal Touch. How Artbeads.com uses personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns.

WiseStamp - Instantly Get Your Own Free Email Signature. With tons of free social, business, marketing and sales apps! Free or Paid to remove branding.

Email B2B Services

Lists of email marketing services:
Best Top 10 Email Marketing Services.
Email Marketing Services Reviews.
The Best Email Marketing Services.
The Best Email Marketing Software of 2016.

Business-Opportunities - Social Owl - Launch a Local Social Media Business.

MailJet - Create your account for Free! Send up to 6,000 free emails a month. No commitment. No hidden fees. Mailjet is an all-in-one email service provider.

MailMunch - Captures leads from your website and converts visitors into life-long readers, email subscribers and customers.

WiseStamp - Instantly Get Your Own Free Email Signature. Get your Free email signature.



SiteProNews - 05-08-2015 - How YouTube Cards will Transform Marketing.

Unknown Source
B2B Services For Social Media

Social Networking Services
I haven't tried these, just ideas of what is available.

AudienceDrill - The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation.

Digital Marketer - 4 Facebook Metrics Critical to Your Success. Get Access To the Ultimate Marketing Library.

EasySocialShop - Make Facebook work for your online business! On Twitter.

Kylie Bartlett - Social Media Road Test!

Michelle Pescosolido - Many free YouTube videos on social media subjects.

MySocialBook - We automatically capture your Life from your Facebook and Instagram and turn it into a Keepsake Book.

PageMage - Grow your eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sales with social marketing.
Some FREE services! Feature product, Social Beacon, and free versions of other products.

Peg Fitzpatrick - How to Become a Social Media Superstar.

Power of Pinning - Everyone is talking about Pinterest. It's the hottest thing since sliced bread and it's time for you to get in on the action and learn how to PROPERLY use it for your business.

It's time to Use Pinterest to Get Exposure, Traffic & Sales. - Learn how to use Pinterest to:

  • Gain incredible exposure for your business.
  • Drive tons of quality traffic to your site.
  • Surprising strategies to boost your SEO.
  • Create consistent viral marketing for your brand.
  • Post an online catalogue on Pinterest.
  • Make money just by pinning!

RebelMouse - Rebel Explore enables you to publish original web and social content all in one place. Curate and moderate conversations around topics, hashtags or keywords. Designate auto-publish rules or moderate the content manually. Rebel Explore is used by thousands of individuals, bloggers, musicians, artists, nonprofits and small businesses to build their online personas, tell their stories and amplify their social presences. Rebel Explorer - Free for individuals and small businesses. Rebel Roar - For cost version for marketers, agencies, and media companies.

Simply Measured - Make your brand a powerhouse on Instagram and take your strategy to the next level with this four-part kit. This collection of resources is designed to help you master the channel and develop an Instagram strategy that works for your brand. Download our Instagram Social Marketing Strategy Kit.

1000s of pre-written email templates and social media posts.
1000s of retail-based stock photos and product images from select vendors.
*Drag & drop planning calendar - *Monthly Promo Kits - *Pinterest “Pin It” Buttons.

TheShelf - We take the guesswork out of influencer marketing and help you run campaigns smoothly from start to finish. We have the largest database of lifestyle influencers.

Udemy - Social Media Marketing 2016 - Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms. Learn how to market via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and more advertising platforms!

WooBox Apps - Woobox helps you easily create powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more to grow your fans and amplify your marketing. - FREE APPS: HTML Fangate, Tab for Twitter, Instagram Tab, Pinterest Tab, YouTube Tab, Pick A Winner.

For Bloggers using WordPress

WP eBay Ads - Allows you to easily insert eBay product listings into your WP posts, and earn commission from sales.

WP Lister Pro - Requires WordPress & WooCommerce - List products from WordPress on eBay. WP-Lister connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.

From Just For Fun

From Some eCards

Social Media Websites
Facebook - Google - Instagram - LinkedIn - Pintrest - RebelMouse - Reddit - Tumblr - Twitter

A brief word of warning. Social media can be a great resource for promoting your business, but beware of the pitfall of getting engrossed in social exchange with other people, which can eat up your valuable time. Organize yourself, plan ahead by writing some basic promotional text to use, and limit your time to what best serves your business. Keep your social time separate.

There are loads of books on Social Media Marketing, there are a few examples in the side bar.



People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.

Facebook Selling Pages

Facebook can also be used as an online store. People are using the Facebook selling page option for creating their own store, for creating a shared online store with other online sellers, and for creating local neighborhood groups for posting classified type ads. Here is a nice example of a store. (random pick): Tina's handicraft.

Facebook - For Business - Facebook can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business.

Facebook - Business Pages - Facebook Basics

Facebook - Call to Action Button - Add a button to your Page that takes people directly to your app or website.

Facebook - News Blog

Facebook - Help
Facebook -
Glossary of Terms.

Facebook - Image Sizes for Biz & Group Pages.

On iTunes - Facebook Rooms – Create Something Together. - Create a room for whatever you're into. Pick a topic, customize the look and feel, choose a different nickname for each room you're in and share your room with others. Rooms is perfect for the things you love and interests that makes you unique.

Fashion on Facebook - Run by Facebook, the Fashion on Facebook page features updates about fashion and style on Facebook.

Note: Facebook changed their biz page requirements and layout a couple of years ago, older instruction lessons will talk about iFrames and such. Look at the date of the information and be sure you are looking at newer info.

Facebook Apps for Selling:

Facebook Articles

AuctivaEdu - 12-22-14 - A Guide To Facebook Advertising, Part 1. ---- Part 2.

eCommerceBytes - 11-19-14 - Online Sellers May Soon Be Paying to Reach Facebook Fans.

Facebook - Instant Articles. A new way for any publisher to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Now Open to All Publishers. Publishers of any type, anywhere in the world can deliver an incredibly fast and immersive reading experience for people on Facebook. Getting started with Instant Articles.

Facebook Newsroom - 02-1-2015 - Introducing New Features in Facebook Groups to Improve the Way People Buy and Sell.

GlobalPost - How to do an Auction on Facebook.

Mashable - 9 Facebook Applications To Make You Money.

ProBlogger - 04-25-2016 - How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Facebook Posts.

SiteProNews - 04-25-2016 - Facebook’s Live Video is Winning Over Brands.
SiteProNews - 01-27-2016 - How to Use Facebook’s Instant Articles.

eCommerceBytes - 07-03-2015 - Facebook Swap-Meets Attract eBay Buyers and Sellers.

Social Media Examiner - April 30, 2015 - How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business.

Social Times - 10-08-2014 - What can a $1 Facebook ad budget do?

Social Zing - Facebook Lingo You Need to Know.

TheNextWeb - 04-20-2016 - Facebook might soon let you earn money from your posts.
TheNextWeb - 04-12-2016 - Facebook Instant Articles are now available to any publisher.

Video: How to Install an Amazon Store on a Facebook Page.
ShortStack - Has Free version.

Videos for Facebook:
App - Auction App in Facebook.
App - StoreFront Social Facebook Store Application. (Cost)

Social Media Marketing Groups on Facebook:

Social Media Marketing Talks

B2B for Facebook

CodeCanyon - Facebook Live Chat for WordPress.

Shopial - A powerful Social Commerce solution, allowing you to import your current online store into your Facebook fan page. We currently support Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wix and GoDaddy’s e-commerce platform. Sample Shop.

Shopify - Showcase and sell your products on Facebook.
Shopify - The Online Store for Someday Millionaires.

Virtual Training Camp - Facebook for Beginner Class - Hands-on, Instructor led.


Unknown Source

From Just Saying


Communities - place to connect with friends and family, and explore all of your interests. Share photos, send messages, and stay in touch with the people.

Google - Create a Google+ Community.

Google Hangouts - Bring your conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Has video.

Martin Shervington - Google Plus Communities – Complete User Guide. Has video.
Martin Shervington - Several Google Videos about Circles, Communities, and Hangouts.

Mashable - Google+ Communities: A Beginner's Guide. Has video.

Plus Your Business! - Complete Guide to Google Plus Circles and Communities. Video.



Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family. Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram — it's that easy. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

Example of an Instagram page: blingblinkytexas.

UnFollowers - Manage your Twitter and Instagram Followers and your Following.

UnfollowSpy - Social media management tool for Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

AuctivaEdu - 04-07-16 - Instagram Advertising, Part 1 - How to get started.
AuctivaEdu - 04-20-16 - Instagram Advertising, Part 2 - How to succeed.

eCommerceBytes - 03-13-2016 - How to Sell on Instagram Part Two.
eCommerceBytes - 01-17-2016 - How to Sell on Instagram Part One.

eCommerceMag - 03-03-2016 - How to Build a Successful Instagram for Your Ecommerce Business? Learn from Instagram Rock Stars!

Internet Retailer 12-02-2014 - How Charlotte Russe turned Instagram into a sales channel.
Internet Retailer 08-27-2014 - Nordstrom finds a way to let shoppers buy via Instagram.

PCMag - 04-14-2016 - Instagram Tweaks 'Explore' Tab to Promote Videos.
PCMag - 04-27-2015 -
Instagram Gets Clickable Emoji Hashtags, New Filters.

SiteProNews - 04-18-2016 - Updated Instagram a Powerhouse for Business.

Website Magazine - 04-15-2015 - Instagram Improves Video Discovery.
Website Magazine - 04-06-2015 -
Selling and Shipping on Instagram Made Easy.
Website Magazine - 03-23-2015 -
Instagram's Layout Simplifies Collages.

B2B For Instagram

GetRiver - Attract Real People on Instagram. Get real love back, not just likes.


Snap Retail

Snap Retail

1000s of pre-written email templates and social media posts.

1000s of retail-based stock photos and product images from select vendors.

*Drag & drop planning calendar
*Monthly Promo Kits
*Pinterest “Pin It” Buttons





Auctiva.Edu - 09-18-2015 - LinkedIn: The Ultimate Billboard - Why you should use the site.

Content Market Institute - 05-14-2015 - Are LinkedIn Groups Worth the Trouble? 17 Tips for Success.



Pins are visual bookmarks for good stuff you find anywhere around the web or right on Pinterest. Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.

Pinterest Guides:

Download our guides for helpful tips on using Pinterest.
How to take great photos for your product Pins.
Pintrest For Business - Get discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do.
Set up your business account.
Confirm Your Website - From Pintrest site: Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any Pin that came from your site. You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are Pinning from your website. To confirm, you need to be able to edit your website's HTML code.

Author Media - The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes.

Channel Advisor - Growing Your Sales with Pinterest.

Marketo - How to Market Your Brand on Pintrest.

ProBlogger - 08-10-2015 - 4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

RealSimple Magazine - How to Use Pinterest.

Act-On - 01-09-2015 - 17 Smart Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Pinterest.

eCommerceBytes - 04-05-2016 - Why Online Sellers May Be Interested in Pinterest How-to Pins.

Shopial - Put your products on Pinterest. Shopial is launching the first-ever product that allows online retailers to pin ALL your products on Pinterest in 1-click. New products, updated prices and inventory availability will automagically appear on your Pinterest board.



RebelMouse - Distribute content more easily and effectively across channels and devices.

RebelMouse - Signup.
RebelMouse - Gallery.

You can feed your posts from social sites like, Facebook and Twitter, onto one or more RebelMouse page(s). Most of the help information seems to deal with the paid service. There is a free RebelMouse option, but with less features.

Hubspot - 12-09-2013 - Top Marketers Are Going Nuts Over This Low-Cost, Revolutionary Publishing Platform. by Dan Lyons.

Mashable - 03-25-2013 - RebelMouse Will Now Auto-Update Your Blog for $10 a Month.

Upstart.BizJournals - 04-25-2013 - Paul Berry builds a (Rebel) Mouse that roars.

YouTube - How to Use RebelMouse. by Barry Cunningham.

Reddit - “reddit enables the individual, and gives literally anyone who has something interesting enough to say the ability to reach millions.” —Chris Tynski. Example searches: Amazon FBA - eBay Selling.


All those great, random blogs your friends send you, those are Tumblr blogs. We’ll help you find and follow blogs like that, and we’ll help other people find and follow yours. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is 222 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever.

SiteProNews - 02-13-2015 - Tumblr: A Powerful New Platform for Bloggers?



Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.

From the Twitter Site:
RETWEET - Share a Tweet with your followers. You can even add your own thoughts before you share it.
REPLY - Comment on a Tweet and join the conversation.
FAVORITE - Favorite a Tweet to let the author know you like it.
HASHTAGS - Hashtags assign a topic to a Tweet. So, for example, Tweets that contain #WorldCup are about just that. Click on a hashtag to see Tweets related to a topic.

Twitter Blog

Twitter FAQ

Twitter Moments - Today - News - Sports - Entertainment - Fun.

Twitter For Business - Start with your objective and explore our curated content.

Twitter Help - How to customize your profile.

Favoriting a Tweet.
What are Promoted Tweets?
What are Promoted Accounts?

How to remove people you have followed.
Such as people who do not follow you back or who are not active. You can, of course, unfollow people at the Twitter site, but for dealing with large numbers of unfollows there are apps to help you manage your Twitter account. These apps also have additional tools for managing your Twitter account.

To Unfollow People, Services to Consider:

Commun.it - Twitter Community Manager.
Commun.it on Twitter.

Contaxio - Free & Paid options. Social Media Contact Management for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Contaxio On Twitter.

CrowdFire - Free & Paid options. Social Media Contact Management for Twitter and Instragram.
CrowdFire on Twitter.

ManageFlitter - The easiest tool currently available for managing twitter accounts you follow.
ManageFlitter on Twitter.

NotFollowMe - Find out who's not following you back (or who unfollowed you) on Twitter.

Tweepi - Make sense of your Twitter account.
Tweepi on Twitter.

TweetAdder - Twitter Users’ #1 Effective Automated Twitter Management and Follower Building Tool.
TweetAdder on Twitter.
How to Video for Tweet Adder

UnFollowers - Manage your Twitter and Instagram Followers and your Following.

UnfollowSpy - Social media management tool for Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

UnfollowerStats - Free twitter tools whatever you need. We've made amazing tools and working more for new tools. Third party twitter app to track & unfollow your unfollowers.

ShoutMeLoud - 04-13 -2016 - 5 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers.


PCMag - 06-12-2015 - Twitter Ditches 140-Character DM Limit. (Direct Messages)

Website Magazine - 03-26-2015 - So Long Meerkat, Hello Periscope.

Quick Sprout - 03-05-2014 - What Type of Content Gets Shared the Most on Twitter?

Video - BusinessesGrow - 10 Reasons Twitter is essential to your content marketing plan.

Mashable - 05-23 - 2009 - Top 5 Ways to Share Videos on Twitter.

Creating Your Twitter Header:

Creating a Twitter page is a great accomplishment, but if you desire you can take it further by adding images to your Twitter page. Which image to add is a good question. Lovely, colorful scenes and designs are pleasing to the eye of the beholder, but are they good sales images? Here are a few pages that lean to promoting their products:

Kendall Rayburn - @KendallRayburn
AntiqueLaceHeirlooms @LaceHeirlooms
Katherine @towatches
Mobile Bay Trading @mobilebaytradin
Vintages & Crafts @KapomCrafts
(More examples further down this page.)

Chad Fullerton - New Dimensions For Twitter Header Image (May 2014).
Jenn's Trends - 04-26-2014 - How to Format Your New Twitter Header Image.
TwelveSkip - The New Twitter Header Dimensions + Template Included (2015 Update).
Big Brand System - Create a New Twitter Header in 3 Easy Steps. - Good resources.

Suggestion - If your image is too small, it will stretch. If you have basic photo processing knowledge, simply put your "small" image in a 1500 X 500 image box and color the background to match your image. There are free image processing websites, such as Pixlr.com. If you don't have this knowledge, go to Fiverr or the like and pay someone a few bucks to do it for you. For more sites like Fiverr, see Selling Tips Page under - "Outsourcing To Grow Your Business".

My experience with creating a Twitter header image.
Started with 1500 X 500 pixels. This is what Twitter says. LOL
For my "viewable area" I brought the top guide down about 55px - the bottom up about 65px.
I indented the right side about 15px.
The left side is also used for the profile image so I brought the guide in about 500px.
I set the center guide at about 1/2 the 1500px to 750px and then centered the headline text between the 750 guide and the right 1485px guide. For the rest of the text I just made sure to stay to the right of the 500px indent.
I placed my logo on the left, above the profile image area so it would be visible on a cell phone screen, which seems to cut off the right side of the image area.

Twitter Header Image Example

Twitter B2B Services

HubSpot - TweetSmarter: Learn From the Experts How to Drive More Conversions on Twitter. On Demand Webinar.

John Sparks - 365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On Twitter.

InternetRetailer - 2016 - Best eMail Marketers in E-Commerce. 50-page downloadable PDF report. Proprietary ranking of the 50 Best Email Marketers in E-Commerce. Detailed profiles of 10 leading email marketing vendors

MyTwitterManager - A simple and effective way to build your business through fully managed growth on Twitter.

SumAll - A tool that helps you use your data to improve your social efforts and reach your goals.

TweeParties, Inc. - @TweeParties - Helping people plan, promote and host Twitter parties & chats since 2010.

TweepsMap - Geo targeted Twitter analytics and management. Our geographical based engagement, analytics and listening platform is unique in its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

TweetVend - What a great idea! A place for users to Buy and Sell Tweets. You can purchase a tweet form anyone in our Marketplace to promote whatever you want. And all twitter accounts owners can add their twitter account to our marketplace for free! On a quick look, it looks like many are just a dollar or two.

TweetVend TweetAdder
Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts About Posting On Social Media.

I have different social media accounts for personal and business, and I am selective about what I post on my business social media account pages. Business is about selling or promoting a product or service to the general public and that general public has a wide range of preferences and things that offend them. Cuss words might be normal or cute to some, but to others they are grossly offensive as would be sexually suggestive material. Gun photos for hunting and sporting businesses are one thing, but such images could turn away potential customers from a vintage clothing business. Even a good cause with a horrific, sad picture can have potential customers quickly leaving your social page. The upshot is it might be wise to keep your business posts related to your business and maybe some cute animal pictures. After all, who wants to run off potential customers.

I attempt to keep my business social sites clean of profanity and volatile social and political content. I look at every site I follow and try to eliminate businesses behaving in a non-business like fashion. I will also not "Follow" or "Like" other peoples' social pages that use excessive profanity, post or show numerous controversial pictures or content.

Some examples of nice Twitter page header images, pulled randomly as I write this.

AntiqueLaceHeirlooms @LaceHeirlooms
Aaron Northcott - @AaronNorthcott
Buy Art - @BuyArtUs
Char'sFavoriteThings - @charsfavorite
Chelsea - @chelseaoliviaxo
CountryAntique Store - @ElmiraAntiques
Debbie Breton - @Debsmagic21
Debi Reed - @MyVintageJewel
Dream A Little. - @jackiepm1
Jeff Barrett - @BarrettAll
Katherine @towatches
Kendall Rayburn - @KendallRayburn
Leonid Afremov - @Afremov_Artist
Mobile Bay Trading @mobilebaytradin
Quince Cottage - @Quince_Cottage
Singlesjunktion - @Singlesjunktion
The Backyard Food Co - @BackyardFoodCo
Vintages & Crafts @KapomCrafts

Easily Create a Podcast. Free to Start.
Unknown Source

How Twitter Cards Work - Twitter Tutorials

Twitter Card Tutorial
Travis Scott

Archive - Past Social Media News & Articles

Past News & Articles


InternetRetailer - 12-15-2014 - It just got easier to sell directly on Wanelo.

PC Mag - 11-18-2014 - Facebook Groups Get Their Own App.

PC Mag - 11-07-2014 - Facebook Makes it Easier to Silence Annoying Friends.

PC Mag - 10-23-2014 - Facebook Launches 'Rooms' App for Anonymous Chats.

Search Engine Watch - 10-07-2014 - 37 SEO Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter.

PC Mag - 09-16-2014 - New 'Facebook for Rich People' Costs Just $9,000 to Join.

PC Mag - 08-28-2014 - Does Anyone Really Care About What You Tweet?

eCommerceBytes - 08-24-14 - Using Content to Drive Traffic to Your Store. by Greg Holden.

SiteProNews - 09-26-2014 - Twitter’s “Buy” Button Roll Out: Preparing Your Business.
eCommerceBytes - 09-09-14 - Twitter Adds Buy Button in Ecommerce Push.

Facebook Fit - Bootcamp for Small Businesses - Summer 2014 - $25 - Tour Dates and Cities:
New York, NY - Tuesday, June 3 / Miami, FL - Thursday, June 19 / Chicago, IL - Thursday, July 10 /
Austin, TX - Thursday, July 24 / Menlo Park, CA - Tuesday, August 5.

Site Pro News- 05-14-2014 - Pros & Cons: Switching to Facebook Comments on Your Blog.

PC Mag - 05-13-2014 - Promoted Pins' Arrive on Pinterest.

PC Mag - 05-12-2014 - Is Someone Being Annoying on Twitter? Now You Can Mute Them!

Internet Retailer - 05-09-14 - Shoppers engage with brands far more on Instagram than Facebook.

Website Magazine - 04-25-2014 - Pinterest Guides the Way.

Internet Retailer - 04-22-14 - How mobile technology makes Pinterest better.

Online Image Works - 03-03-2014 - Five Types of Pins To Grab Your Attention on Pinterest.

Facebook - March 2014 - A Streamlined Look for Pages.

Star-Telegram - 03-24-2014 - Fort Worth entrepreneurs chosen for Facebook advisory council.
Jewelry Nut Auctions - Facebook success story from the above article. Jewelry Nut Auctions.com
Also mentioned in article above. Divas SnowGear- Morgan Miller Plumbing.

Website Magazine - 03-17-2014 - 5 Engaging Pinterest Strategies for Merchants.

Web Mag - 03-14-2014 - Why Women Are the Real Power Behind Social Media.

Website Magazine - 03-12-2014 - 3 Stats to Make You Second-Guess Social.

eCommerceBytes - 03-10-14 - eBay Patents Smart Hashtags for Social Shopping.

SiteProNews - 03-07-2014 - Facebook Finally Launching Redesigned News Feed for All Users.

Internet Retailer - 03-06-14 - Facebook gives the news feed a makeover.

eCommerceBytes - 02-26-14 - WordPress Business Bloggers Can Start Selling Online.
Note: This article is about ecommerce tools for WordPress.com "hosting" service.

Internet Retailer - 02-04-14 - How Pinterest leads to sales.

Internet Retailer - 01-29-14 - Facebook adds a Shop Now button.

Internet Retailer - 01-28-14 - Facebook is only one piece of the social media marketing puzzle.

The Online Seller - 01-06-14 - Your Social Commerce Game Plan, Part 1, by Brad and Debra Schepp
E-business educator John Lawson explains why you need a social commerce strategy.

Internet Retailer - 01-06-14 - How Deb Shops gets its social media posts in front of shoppers.

Internet Retailer - 01-06-14 - How Pinterest tops Facebook in e-commerce.

Internet Retailer - 01-06-14 - Small retailers outflank the big boys with social media prowess.
Note: If the smaller, big guys are doing it, perhaps even individual sellers should consider working social media.

Mashable - 11-20-2012 - The Real Value of Facebook Isn't Your Likes or Fans.

eCommerceBytes - 04-21-2013 - Using Vine Videos in Ecommerce Marketing.
eCommerceBytes - 04-20-2013 - How Can Online Sellers Harness Vine?
Embed Vine Videos.

Prior to 2013

CopyPress - 03-14-2013 - FTC Lays Down the Law on Endorsed Tweets.

Internet Retailer - 01-03-13 - How social networks can encourage sales.

TheOnlineSeller - 11-10-12 - Use Social Network Marketing to Connect with Buyers

Star-Telegram - 11-01-2012 - 7 Facebook Auction Sites You Should Like.

DFW-CBSLocal - 10-17-2012 - Fort Worth Pair Going ‘Nuts’ With Facebook Auction.
Jewelry Nut Auctions - Not on Facebook? Don’t worry! Shop our online exclusives and our personal favorites!

eCommerceBytes - 09-10-12 - Social Networking Not Driving Sales to Online Marketplaces
The reports of low sales results coming from social sites, for large corporations, may not directly relate to small, privately owned businesses. I personally find that posting links on my Facebook and Twitter personal and business pages does seem to drive some traffic to my web sites, but I can't confirm the sales they might generate. However, I still feel it is well worth the time, because posting on these sites also creates linkbacks (links to my web sites that supposedly search engines like to see. SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

TheDailySouth.SouthernLiving - 09-06 2012 - Going Once. Going Twice. Facebook Auctions Sweeping the South.

eCommerceBytes - 08-31-12 - SortPrice Lets Sellers Hold Flash Sales, Contests on Facebook

eCommerceBytes - 08-03-12 - Shop the Lifestyle Is Secret of Ecommerce Success on Pinterest

CNet - 07-20-2007 - 5 applications to help sell your junk on Facebook.


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