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Online Selling & Listing Tip - Instruction Manuals - Specifications
This page covers many subjects related to listing and selling items on the internet, such as tips, tools, where to find manuals, pricing resources, and more.
Helpful Selling Resources

eCommerceBytes - Is a great resourses for online sellers. Excellent website and newsletter loaded with news and helpful info.

David's Interactive Auction Calendar - See what day your auction will end and whether it might be a good day to start your online auction.

Amazon Fee Calculator
eBay Fee Calculator
Etsy Fee Calculator

Selling Associations

Many of these associations have benefits for members, including discounts on travel and hotels, various services, and products, insurance, and more. In addition, some of these groups have video or audio collections.

Direct Marketing Association - The largest organization for innovators, artists, creators, writers, analysts, strategists, and makers of all things related to marketing and powered by data.

Direct Selling Association - DSA offers members a wide range of business tools, industry contacts, educational opportunities, networking events and support services that are designed to meet the needs of a direct selling company at all levels.

eCommerce Merchants Association - Free Bronze membership. Our active discussion forums, monthly newsletters and hugely popular eCommerce Summits provide an ideal educational platform for our members to excel in an increasingly competitive online environment.

IMA - Internet Merchants Association - Through discussion and the exchange of ideas, IMA provides a base where companies benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our membership as a whole.
IMA on Facebook.

National Association of Retail Buyers - A non profit association that aims to unify and organize those retail professionals who desire to further their career and/or education in the retail buying, selling, planning or product development field.

National Federation of Independent Business - NFIB - Join a group of 325,000 like-minded business owners on a mission to fight for your right to own, operate and grow your business. Savings and discount benefits.

National Retail Federation - Retail is a diverse and dynamic industry. NRF offers opportunities for professionals with different areas of expertise to connect with like-minded peers.

National Small Business Association - Some free information, membership dues begin at only $250 year.
NSBA with Membership - Health Plans - UPS Discount - Small Business Advocacy - News.

Online Sellers Association - Membership group created with you, the online seller, in mind. Developed as a unique place to bring together the many areas necessary to support online sellers and selling online, it offers a single point of focus on your journey of success. Free and Paid member services.

Selling Mentors, Instructors & Courses

There are many coaches and training specialists to help you sell online via eBay, Amazon, or your own web store. The services are wide, from gettting started, to sourcing for inventory, to promoting and growing your business, and the business and accounting side of having your own business. For a list, see Web Sellers' Lunch Club - Learning Resouces Page.

Online Selling Aricles


WebsiteMagazine - 04-25-2016 - Demonstrate This! 4 Types of Product Tutorials. "Product Tutorials come in many different formats – from Pinterest demonstrations to email explanations."

RetailWire - 2015 - What devices are shoppers choosing when they shop online?

Terapeak - April 2015 - M2E Pro - Selling on Multi-Channels Made Easy.

Internet Retailer - 05-28-2014 - Online orders originating in Indonesia, Pakistan and Romania have high fraud rates.

Internet Retailer - 05-28-2014 - TVs and toothpaste don’t mix in the online shopping basket.

Internet Retailer - 05-11-2014 - The case for fast, free and easy international returns.
"The European Union (EU) will take an important step toward harmonizing distance-selling rules across Europe when the EU Consumer Rights Directive goes into effect on June 13, 2014. It includes a provision requiring a uniform return period of 14 days after goods receipt wherein consumers may return purchases without explanation."

Auctiva.Edu - 05-06-2014 - Help Buyers Find You - Feed them the right keywords to boost your sales. by Sarah Brown. -- (Some good suggestions for beginners.)

Channel Advisor - Are Your Products Mobile? Consumers Are!

DigitalMarketer - Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business.

Drexel Antiques - eBay beginner's article, but also list of helpful links for online selling in general.

Auctiva.edu - 02-10-14 - Elements of a Good Product Description. by Sarah Brown.

Auctiva.edu - 02-05-14 - Mistakes Sellers Make, Part 1. by Brad and Debra Schepp.

MarketWatch - 04-01-2013 - 5 Things You Can’t Resell - Consumers’ rights to sell still has some limits.

TheOnlineSeller - 11-06-12 - Best YouTube Channels for Online Selling Tips.

TheOnlineSeller - 9-04-12 - Free Marketing Techniques for Online Sellers.

eCommercebytes - 5-4-12 - Tip on Selling Internationally Wins Top Vote on AuctionBytes Blog.

More articles on the Web Sellers' Lunch Club - Learning Resouces Page.

From: WSLC

Basic Tips

Basic Listing Tip

Have a ruler and/or measuring tape handy when listing items for sale. Providing the items' measurements in your listing can help avoid buyer questions. Using a common visual prop in your pictures, such as a soda can, a ruler, a coin for smaller items, can help buyers get a prespective of size.

Where To Find Instruction Manuals

No instruction manual. When selling any item online, that originally came with an instruction manual, it might be a good idea to tell the people where they can find a copy of the owners manual, or if possible post a link in your listing ad that goes to the online web site that has a copy of the manual.

The best source is usually the manufacturer, but surprisingly that does not always work. A quick search using the name and model number of the item and words such as manual, instruction manual, service manual, (whatever applies) will often turn up a web site that has a version of the manual. This web search takes a few minutes, but it lets a potential buyer know that they can get easily download a copy of the manual if they purchase the item - big selling point.

Online Owners Manuals - This web site has 1000's of owners manuals, user manuals, assembly manuals, repair manuals and service manuals. Appliance Manuals - Fitness Manuals - Marine Manuals - Electronics Manuals - Home Manuals - TV Manuals.

Manuals Online - Free User Manuals. Search over 700,000 Products.

Where to Find Technical and Size Specifications.

Most manufactures have technical and size specifications, along with any requirements for using their merchandise posted at their web sites. If not, many review sites will have that type of information posted. It can be a good selling point to provide a link or URL name to a web site with this helpful information.

Selling items that are broken, damaged, and incomplete comes with risks. There are many reasons to sell broken or incomplete items, such as for parts or for buyers to repair. The catch is that buyers do not always read carefully, and like many of us they often read what they want to read into an item's description. When selling items with faults, damage, or that are incomplete, it could be a good idea to repeat the item's condition several times, along with statements such as sold "as is", and sold for "parts" only. Perhaps even put "for parts" in the listing title.
From HappyWivesClub.com

How to Value Your Products

Pricing Items To Sell

Determining the best price to sell items for is daunting, because it sometimes seems that the price can change almost daily for some items. Seasons can effect pricing value as well as the number of current lisitngs.

One of the best places to research what things are selling for is eBay, using the "Completed" option. Many selling web sites do not provide "sold for" prices, but eBay does. Along the left side of an eBay search results page are numerous advanced search options, under the option "Show only" is "Completed listings" and the more recently added "Sold listings". Clicking on the "Completed" option will change your search page to show closed listings, both sold and unsold listings, the sold item prices are in green and unsold are in red. Clicking on the "Sold listings" will return results only for items that sold.

eBay also has a cell phone app that is very handy for searching eBay for completed and sold items using your cell phone. You can enter search words or you can scan a bar code. With the eBay phone app loaded, at the bottom select "Search". At Search select "Scan" or "Categories". If you "Scan" an item, the scan will return active listings, to get to closed or sold listings, select "Refine" from the top side-to-side scroll bar. In the "Refine" list, near the bottom, are the options: "Completed Items" and "Sold Items".

eCommerceBytes - 12-02-2014 - How to Research Best Offer Pricing on eBay.

Many of the advice/valuation web sites require a fee or membership subscription, so be sure to check out their feed back and fees before using a service.

Auction Wally - Purchase Your Guaranteed Online Antique Appraisal.

CamelCamelCamel - Free. View the price history of nearly seven million Amazon products. Registration available, but not required. (While this appears to be geared to buyers, it looks like a great tool for sellers to use.)

camelbuy - Best Buy product tracker
camelcamelcamel - Amazon.com product tracker
camelegg - Newegg product tracker

HammerTap - HammerTap is an eBay research tool that will help you discover what products to sell and how to make more sales more often. When you sign up for the HammerTap service, you'll receive the research tool, plus free webinars, a ten-part Power to Profit course, and articles to help you increase your eBay profits dramatically.

Love to Know Antiques - Antiques - Furniture, Cars, Milk Bottles, etc. Some examples:
Where to Get Free Antique Appraisals Online
Free Online Antique Price Guides.
Places to Get a Free Antique Appraisal.

Value This Now - Online appraisal service.

WhatSellsBest - Free Auction Estimates - How to Get Them from Reputable Experts.
Free Services: Price Research - Find sold prices for any item, worldwide.
Appraisals - Get them free from the world's best auction appraisers.
Help - Locate reputable experts to identify, value, or sell your items.

WatchedItem.com - Pulse for eBay/Top 500 Most Popular.

WorthPoint - Price guide with over 70 Million prices realized from multiple venues – including eBay, GoAntiques, TIAS & the world’s leading auction houses.
eCommerceBytes - 04-01-2016 - Price Guide Explores Crowd-Investing to Grow Beyond eBay.

Auction and Retail Services & Software

Listing Services

There are companies that offer various services to online sellers. These services include things like picture hosting, hit counters, product picture galleries, bookkeeping, and lots more.

Froo! Cross Sell

Listing Software

Crazylister for eBay
eBay Turbo Lister
Garage Sale for Mac OS X
iSale for Mac

Six Bit Software
Solutions Directory at eBay

Articles about Listing Software

Blackthorne Basic - After September 30, 2014, Blackthorne will no longer be available.
Blackthorne Pro - Find the right new tool now to meet your business needs. Check each tool's page for more specifics—including step-by-step guidance—to make a smooth transition from Blackthorne. eBay Help Page.

eCommerceBytes - 08-05-12 - Could the Quickable Smartphone App Be the Future of Online Listing?

eCommerceBytes - Inventory Management and Listing Tools. List of over 20 services with ratings.

Quickable App - Sell any item in seconds on: eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and Quickable's Marketplace.
Buy items from your friends and your local community or have items shipped to you. Use our FREE app to connect with buyers or sellers from anywhere instantly.

eBay Auction Manager for Mac OS X GarageSale v. iSale

Bonanza Selling Site
From Shut UP I'm Still Talking
Listing & Pricing Tools, Sources & Services

Pricing Tools & Sources

360pi - Insights and webinars related to pricing.

App Eagle - Appeagle helps you eliminate manual pricing research, stay ahead of competition and win more Buy Boxes. Maintain a true competitive advantage and watch as your sales and profit margins grow.

Ecomdash - Streamline Inventory, Order Processing & Listings Today.
eCommerceBytes - 07-12-15 - Ecomdash Introduces New Pricing for Smaller Merchants.

Fillz - Automate your business on Amazon, eBay, AbeBooks, and more. Synchronize Marketplaces, Reprice Listings, Manage Orders.
eCommerceBytes - 11-08-2015 - FillZ: A Slingshot for Online Sellers.

List Label Ship - Label printing solution for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Our add-on allows you to easily print FBA labels with a label printer during the listing and replenishing process.

Keepa - Maintains price histories for all products on Amazon. Users can individually track the price development of products they are interested in, and Keepa will notify them when the price has reached a predetermined threshold. Can also be used to browse the full range of Amazon goods.

RePriceit - You can reprice your inventory with minimum fuss and maximum flexibility. Our stand-alone cloud-based price management solution will allow you to stay competitive with even the largest most well-equipped sellers.

WhiteBox - Focus on what you do best and we’ll handle all aspects of online sales for you, from product listings to fulfillment.


PageMate App - Grow your eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sales with social marketing.

eBay Manage Applications - From listing analytics to shipping apps to cross-selling apps and lots more.

eBay Apps - An App Store for eBay realated needs. "Choose from a variety of applications that help you create great listings, make tax time a breeze, give insights into seasonal trends, average prices & profits and much more!"

eBay MyStoreMaps - Track your buyer locations – regionally or internationally -- by easily adding a customizable, rotating map to your listings.

Card Star - CardStar eliminates wallet and keychain clutter by conveniently storing your loyalty, rewards, and membership cards in one easy to use app.

Phone Apps
When you are out shopping for inventory at thrift stores, garage and estate sales, flea markets, or whereever, if an item has a bar code, there are smart phone apps that will allow you to scan an item and find the retail price, and some apps do a lot more.

Amazon Seller - Amazon's product scanner app for iPhone.

BarCode Scanning Apps for iOS

The Best Barcode Scanner Apps - iOs and Android.

CLZ Barry - Scanner App for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Sends bar codes to PC or Mac.

A Seller Tool - Smart Phone and PDA tools.Type in the ISBN/UPC, or scan a barcode.

Seller Engine - Whether you’re scanning on the go, creating FBA shipments, repricing your inventory or growing a global empire, our software and services can help your Amazon business. Scanning App: Profit Bandit.
Profit Bandit - Scan any barcode to find out how much profit you can make if you sell the item on Amazon.

ScanPower - ScanPower provides a crystal clear picture of the current market pricing and demand for any item offered for sale on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Seller
Barcode Professional
I'd like to thank FoodNut for these two suggestions:
Price Scanner, UPC Barcode and QRreader

Scanners & Software

Hand Held Bar Code Scanners & Software
There are scanners that, for a fee, allow other types of searches, such as an Amazon search.
More about scanners on the Amazon page in this website.

Media Scouter - Members across the globe utilize MediaScouter software at library sales, thrift shops, garage sales and book sales. These items are then listed and sold for significant profit on the internet. MediaScouter loaded on a PDA or Smart phone along with a scanner reads the ISBN/UPC barcode.

Media Scouter

ScoutPal - Just enter (or scan, if you have a scanner attached) ISBNs or UPCs, and ScoutPal will "Fetch" the information you need, and quickly present it to you in a concise form: the lowest prices in used/new/collectible, Amazon price and sales rank. Live results include a summary of market prices and quantities, sales rank, editions and availability, and used/new/collectible details.

BookScoutPro - Get Realtime Book Prices on Your SmartPhone NOW!! Amazon, AbeBooks, Alibris, Biblio, eBay,
Half, Ecampus & TextBookX! Plus Pricing for Music CDs, VHS Videos, DVDs, Video Games, Software & More!

The Web Sellers' Circle - Book Scouting Part 2 - Bluetooth Scanners
Serialio - Barcode Scanners (From the above article.)

A Seller Tool - Smart Phone and PDA tools.Type in the ISBN/UPC, or scan a barcode.

neatOscan - The Neatoscan service, Neatopricer, utilizes a barcode scanner, a PDA (Portable Data Assistant) or iPhone/Android device and an headset to allow you to quickly and easily determine the value of books and other merchandise while disconnected from the internet.

Amazon Search Results for Barcode Scanners. Just some examples:
Amazon Search Results - Scanners
Amazon Search Results - Scanners
Amazon Search Results - Scanners

Tips For Creating Product Listings

Copy & Writing Tips

eCommerceBytes - 11-05-2014 - What Small Merchants Can Learn About Value of Content.

Word Hippo - Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo! Oh ... There's a bunch of other stuff you can do too.

Business-Opportunities - Writing Ad Copy With Words That Sell from 1969.

(See more about the use of color in website design on the Create Your Own Store Page.)

Marketing Info Graphics - 05-04-2105 - How do Colors Affect Online Shopping?

eCommerceBytes - 04-17-2014 - Study Finds How You Describe Colors Can Impact Your Sales.

eCommerceBytes - 10-21-2013 - Four Ways Your Shopping Cart Button Could Be Wrong.

Huffington Post -07-17 2012 - Red Background Encourages eBay Shoppers To Bid Higher: Study.

Phrontistery.info - List of Colors - This list contains 168 definitions of obscure colour terms using combinations of 'normal' colours of the rainbow and descriptive adjectives.

ProBlogger - 02-24-2014 - The Psychology of Color: Is Your Color Choice Making or Breaking Your Website?

Stitch Labs - Stitch Data Shows What Color Names to Use for Your Products.

Website Magazine - 02-20-2015 - The Power of Color.

Wikipedia - List of colors - Ideas for describing the color of items such as purses and clothing.

W3Schools.com - HTML Color Names - Has a nice list of colors.

Other Helful Sources

Dates change, but the general principles in this article work for any year.
2013 Retail Selling Calendar - PageMate - Summary of seasons and events.
Prepare your eBay business to take advantage of holidays and seasonal events throughout all of 2013 so you can plan ahead and profit. The 2013 Retail Selling Calendar has all the major holidays, key sporting events, cultural events, and more! It also provides information on trends and related facts you should know.

Auctiva - Numerous Articles

Beat the Rush! - Maureen Benner - Quarter Four is the busiest and most lucrative 90 days in the retail industry. But how can a busy new online marketplace seller get ready for the rush?

Channel Advisor - Calendar - Your Essential 2015 E-Commerce Calendar
Channel Advisor
- A Retailer's Guide: Selling on Online Marketplaces (Has info about Amazon and eBay selling.)
Channel Advisor - Owning the Google Results Page.
Channel Advisor - The rules of e-commerce have changed... is your business ready?
Channel Advisor - Selling with Bundles.

ChannelReply - Seamlessly integrates all of your Amazon and eBay customer service messages into Zendesk, keeping you organized and making sure that your customers never get lost in the shuffle.

Craigslist - App for listing on Craigslist.
cPro Craigslist Mobile client - for iPad & iPhone.
cPro Craigslist Mobile Client - for Android.

eBay On Location - Annual eBay sponsored events with keynote speakers and topics. Various locations.

eCommerceBytes - 11-27-14 - Terapeak Offers Cyber Monday Tips for eBay Sellers.
( Actually, good anytime basic selling tips.)

eRated - Let's you take your reputation to any marketplace, including eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce and your own website.

Flickr - Free terabyte of online storage.

IGES - Trade Magazine Links.

Informed Trade/ITINTL.com - Importing. This site has loads of information and free downloads about importing.

PageMage - Grow your eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sales with social marketing.
Some FREE services! Feature product, Social Beacon, and free versions of other products.

RodenLeather.com - Information About Leathers. Top Grain-Nubuk-Distressed-More

1000s of pre-written email templates and social media posts.
1000s of retail-based stock photos and product images from select vendors.
*Drag & drop planning calendar - *Monthly Promo Kits - *Pinterest “Pin It” Buttons.

Seller Vantage - Inventory software. Sell inventory across multiple channels.

Sim One Ems - Tired of working with several software applications for eCommerce? SimOneEMS handles every eCommerce process within one system, with one interface and one database...and one login.
Internet Retailer - 02-02-2015 - Retailer clients say SimOneEMS eases the burden of selling on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.

TeenVogue.com - Ten Tips For Successfully Selling Items on eBay.

Web Retailer - Directory of resources, and a blog.

Word Stream - Mastering Copywriting for Conversions Toolkit.

Zendesk - For many businesses, becoming an overnight success is not just a dream – it’s a reality. But going from one customer to one million can turn into a nightmare if you’re not equipped to support them. Zendesk helps you maintain personalized customer experiences as you grow—without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

-- More --

eCommerceBytes - Inventory Management and Listing Tools.

eCommerce Bytes - Yellow Pages

eCommereceBytes - July 16, 2012 - Etsy Solicits Articles for Seller Handbook
Many good articles available about online selling and selling tips.

FreeShipping.org - The 19 Best Places To Sell Your Stuff For Cash

Internet Retailer - Vendor Directory - Find a vendor by browsing through industries, searching, or see a full list of industries. It's free to use and even easier to navigate through the user-friendly dashboard. With over 1,500 listings from 24 categories, you'll be sure to find the right solutions partner to help you redesign your website, manage your content, secure your payments, fulfill your orders, and so much more. Including categories such as: Surplus Liquidation / Wholesalers.

Snap Retail
Snap Retail

1000s of pre-written email templates and social media posts.
1000s of retail-based stock photos and product images from select vendors.
*Drag & drop planning calendar - *Monthly Promo Kits - *Pinterest “Pin It” Buttons

Outsourcing To Grow Your Business

Outsourcing Work - Many successful people will tell you they outsource work, for many reason, including, freeing up their valuable time, getting work done that they are not trained to do, building their businesses, and more. Outsourcing ranges from designing logos, to website creation, to drop-shipping services, to taxes and bookkeeping.

99 Designs - Let our community of 306,882 designers create dozens of designs for you.

Auctiva.edu - 08-12-2014 - Hire The Right Freelancers - Where to look and how to avoid mistakes.
Auctiva.edu - 08-19-2014 -
Need to Hire Help? The benefits can outweigh the costs. by Dennis L. Prince.

CommerceHub - DemandStream Marketplace. List more products and sell more on marketplaces.
Internet Retailer - 04-04-2016 - Fulfillment vendor CommerceHub’s revenue grows 33% in 2015.

eCommerceBytes - Consignment Drop Off Stores.

oDesk - Get the job done — on demand. - Find the help you need to take care of business. Dip into our impressive pool of talented professionals to tackle virtually any project on your timeline and terms.
oDesk on Facebook

Damongo - Freelancers micro job marketer.

eFulfillment - With a 13-year proven track record, an accuracy rate that exceeds 99.9%, and friendly, straightforward terms, it's clear why eFulfillment Service has become one of the most trusted and respected names in eCommerce order fulfillment.

Fiverr - The world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5. Geared towards technical jobs, but also has categories like business and advertising, and an all encompassing category of Other.

Freelancer - Hire Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs Online.

Guru - Find & Hire Talented Freelancers.

Lightspeed - Lightspeed Retail is web-based and therefore can run on a Mac, PC, or a standalone iPad. Lightspeed builds end-to-end commerce solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to create better experiences for their customers by unifying point of sale, inventory management, customer management and analytics across all channels, in-store and online.

PeoplePerHour - Design, Develope, Content, Promote, More.

Pixelz - Image processing. Upload images by web, FTP, API, or URL to place an order, and download them the same way. Review your order’s status, specs, and cost at any time. Share completed orders with a single link that doesn’t require login details to view or download images.

Shopify - Dropshipping made easy. Start a hands-free online business with Shopify. Have your products shipped directly to your customers. No inventory, no headaches. When your store sells a product, it is purchased from a third party and shipped directly to your customer.

Shopify - The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping. - Looking to build a successful online business? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about running a dropshipping business.

Swiftly - For just $19, we'll match your job with a skilled graphic designer and complete it in less than one hour.

Task Rabbit - Your to-do's, done. Outsource household errands and skilled tasks. Discover time to do what you love. While all of our TaskRabbits are background checked and highly qualified, the TaskRabbit Elite have a proven track record of providing outstanding customer service. When deciding between offers on a task, feel confident you’ll receive service above and beyond your expectations when working with a TaskRabbit Elite.

Tools-For-Dollars - The world's busness marketplace for services, starting at $ 10. Tools for dollars purpose is to act as a marketplace where people can create a business out of their hobbies (Graphics & Design, Programming & Tech, GIFTS, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Online Marketing, Fun & Bizarre, Business, Writing & Translation, Advertising, Lifestyle, More and more ...)

WebRetailer -04-18-2016 - The Online Sellers’ Definitive Guide to Outsourcing.

WhiteBox - You're a dreamer, a creator, an innovator. You make amazing products. Focus on what you do best and we’ll handle all aspects of online sales for you, from product listings to fulfillment. Whether you’re just beginning to sell online or struggling to keep up with your volume, Whitebox will lift the weight of managing ecommerce from your shoulders and give your customers an excellent online shopping experience.
eCommerceBytes - 11-08-2015 - Whitebox Does the Heavy Lifting for Online Merchants.

Exporting & Re-Shippers


What do Chinese shoppers really want? - Taking your online retail business into China? Worldpay's new research offers insight into 7 of the key concerns Chinese shoppers have when completing a purchase - and deciding whether to become a repeat customer.

Channel Advisor - How to Take Your E-Commerce Across Borders (with Less Risk).

Business Ideas in the News - 06-04-2014 - Exporting Internationally: A Beginners Guide.

SimplyVAT - Selling goods online to customers in other European countries will require compulsory VAT registration if your sales exceed certain VAT Registration Thresholds which differ from country to country. Helping E-Commerce Trade Internationally.

Re-Shippers - Companies here in the US that foreign buyers can use to purchase items and the company will accept US delivery and then ship it over-seas to the buyer. If you do not ship outside of the US, you might refer foreign buyers to these type of companies.

ReShip.com - Discover Shopping with Reship. We make the process of buying and shipping products from the U.S. easy and affordable.

Shop Airlines America, Inc.


For information about Importing, see the Wholesale Inventory Sources Page in this website.

From Boiling Mad Frog
Create Your Own Web Store

eCommerce Software & Sources
For more on opening and running your own web store:
Web Sellers' Lunch Club - Create Your Own Web Store Page.

eCommerceBytes - 08-10-14 - Sellers Choice Awards: Online Shopping Carts 2014.

eCommerceBytes - Storefront Solutions and Shopping Carts. List of over 20 services and ratings.

Image Event - Treasures From Yesterday - Interesting use of a photo hosting site for online selling; other photo hosting services, such as Flickr and Photobucket, might work for this idea.

Promoting With Social Media & SEO

Social Media Web Sites to Promote Your Online Selling - You can promote your products and online store to both freinds and the general public using social media web sites. Here is a page, within this web site, that has some helpful information.

Web Sellers' Lunch Club - Social Media Page.


Brian Moran's Report

The Timeline BluePrint

First - Learn How to Create Your Own Facebook Page.
Then - Learn How to Monetize Your Facebook Page.

Get 10,000 Fans

Promoting With Search Engines & Other Sources

There are volumes of books and thousands of services to help promote your business, most are geared towards individual web stores. More: Web Sellers' Lunch Club - Create Your Own Web Store Page.

eCommerceBytes - 03-17-2014 - Driving Traffic to eBay and Etsy Listings through BannerPlay Ads.


There are good companies and perhaps not so good ones. Do your research. I have not tested these companies, as with all of the information and links in this web site, these are examples to get you started in your research.

Voices.Washington Post - Small Business - How Do I...Get a UPC Bar Code?

The Wall Street Journal - How to Get UPC Barcodes for Your Products.

Wikipedia - Barcode.

Vanity Barcodes via Business Opportunities Weblog - 01-21-2014 - Vanity Barcodes

Vanity Barcodes

Amazon - What are UPCs, EANs, ISBNs. and ASINs?

GS1US.org - Universal Product Codes — UPCs

The Bar Code News

George J. Laurer - UPC inventor.

Simply Barcodes - Frequently Asked Questions - The Barcode 411.

This directory site indicates it only lists companies that have register with them. It appears to be a paid membership directory. Authenticated UPC Registration Directory

Nationwide Barcode - EAN And UPC Barcodes For Amazon.
Nationwide Barcode - How Do You Register a Barcode? (Video at bottom right of their page.)
Nationwide Barcode - Helpful Videos.

Instant UPC Codes - Buy UPC Codes Instantly. Approved for use on Amazon, eBay, Google, iTunes.
Instant UPC Codes - Buy Instant UPC Codes for Amazon. (Good description of the process for Amazon.)

CheapUPCBarcode - Our site is fully automated from code assignment to payment processing to barcode generation.
• Provide you with all the barcodes numbers you need
• Generate a range of graphic sizes and formats for each
• Provide those graphics plus documentation in a zip file downloadable from this site

Speedy Barcodes - Our barcodes work perfectly for the companies shown below and many others (Shows Amazon, eBay, and iTunes). All barcodes were originally issued by UCC/GS1-US.

WaspBarCode - The ultimate Guide to Barcodes.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Crazy Lister
Research eBay to sell on eBay

Google Ad
Electronic Transfer Inc
Home Lunch
Forum Sellers'
Share This Page!
Web Sellers' Lunch Club
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Google Ad
eBay Playing By Rules

Snap Retail
Snap Retail

At SnapRetail, we want to make life easy for local retailers. We're the only ready-to-use marketing solution catering exclusively to retailers and their needs. We want them to have more time, more traffic and more sales. That's why we've developed a system that helps them easily engage and sell to customers using email and social media. Thousands of retailers across the U.S. use SnapRetail to take their marketing to the next level.


Leaman Container
The Box Outlet

Fort Worth, Texas

Research your competition
Electronic Transfer Inc

Listing Software Program
For Macintosh

iSale for Macintosh

Amazon Treasure Chest
Once You Know, You Newegg
AliExpress - Shop Wholesale with Confidence

Imagine If...

... you could build a professional Web site and drive thousands of warm, targeted, open-to-buy visitors to it,
every day?

Now imagine doing it...

*All by yourself,
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The Language of Description:
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Barcode Your Small Business - Learn the 5 simple steps to create a cost effective barcoding system to organize your small business.
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