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Learning Resources
There are many books and articles about selling online at marketplaces like Amazon, and selling on auction sites such as eBay, or creating your own online store. These books are a great learning resource for both beginners and experienced sellers. But there are so many! Set yourself a schedule, buy and read one book by your schedule, such as once a month or once a week, depending on how much you enjoy reading.

Why read books or buy learning materials? Knowledge! You can buy knowledge by buying books!

Many online retail businesses are very low cost to start, such as Amazon and eBay, that does not mean, to my mind, that you should forgo any investment. I am a strong believer in knowledge is power, and while I can learn a lot via the Internet, I always buy books. Reading and learning from a practiced online selling author is not something that comes across just from an Internet search. Even as an experienced seller, I can always learn new things, or ideas from other sellers' books. To my mind, there is no excuse to not buy a few books, you can buy Kindle ebooks cheaply and most physical books are low cost. Invest in your business, invest in a few books!

Many of the FREE offers require that you give them your email address. I believe that free information is worth the sign-up requirement, I simply use a special email account just to sign up for free offers.

Please visit WSLC Facebook Page for current special offers on learning materials, books, and courses.

Free eBooks

Amazon - Free eBooks. We all know that Amazon has thousands of helpful ecommerce books for sale. I have featured some of the top authors to learn from on the Blogs, Forums, & Social Networks page, but there is an Amazon section that features free ebooks from business to novels. Often the authors are promoting their ebooks hoping for exposure and positive reviews to help boost their sales. If you get a free ebook, take a moment to give the author a review, a small price to pay for their helpful information.

Bronto - Online Shopping Frequency.

Channel Advisor - How To: Avoid or Fix 20 Costly Amazon & eBay Mistakes.
Channel Advisor -
There's an Alibaba for That. Taobao - Tmall - 11Main.com - And 8 more!
Channel Advisor -
Your Essential Guide to Success on Amazon.
Channel Advisor - Broadening Your Horizons: 9 Marketplaces to Pursue Beyond Amazon & eBay.
Channel Advisor - More Free eBooks.

eBay Sales Have Flat-Lined, Now What?

ExpertRiches - What Separate Amazon Winners From Dabblers.

Honest Online Selling - Jordan Malik - Best Free (and inexpensive) Resources for Amazon & eBay Sellers.

HowAzon - How to Start Selling on Amazon.

Incredible Secret Money Machine II (Free eBook - Give it a minute to download the PDF file.)
by Don Lancaster - Author's Website. (Popular Classic)

Introducing eBay 360

Melanie Duncan - 5 Ways to Find Your Flow. - Worksheet.

Selling on Amazon's FBA Program - How to Make $2000 Per Month Shipping Boxes of Books to Amazon.
Selling on Amazon's FBA Program. by Nathan Holmquist

SilverPop - 15 Post-Purchase Emails That Build Loyalty and Drive Revenue.

Shopify - The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping. - Looking to build a successful online business? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about running a dropshipping business.

The Designer’s Guide to Web Graphics - Very extensive overview of website design. PDF

Vocus - 8 Great Ways to Generate Publicity.

300x250 Power of Clarity
Unknown Source
AuctivaEdu Articles

AuctivaEdu/The Online Seller - eBook/Article Collections
Below are a few examples of the articles AuctivaEdu has available.

Sarah Brown - Numerous Articles
AuctivaEdu - 02-10-14 -
Elements of a Good Product Description.
AuctivaEdu - 05-06-14 - Help Buyers Find You. Feed them the right keywords to boost your sales.

Brad and Deb Schepp - Writers, Speakers, and Consultants.
AuctivaEdu - Brad and Debra Schepp - Brad and Debra Schepp are the authors of 20 books.
Auctiva.Edu - 12-28-2015 - Years Of Online Selling Wisdom, Part 1.
Auctiva.Edu - 12-01-2015 - Business Blossoms On OpenSky - Amaryllis finds marketing partner, success.
Auctiva.Edu - 07-13-2015 - From Cie To Cie-Bay, Part 1 ---- From Cie To Cie-Bay, Part 2.
Auctiva.Edu - 03-30-2015 - Blockbuster Sales, Part 1. ---- Blockbuster Sales, Part 2.
AuctivaEdu - 03-20-15 - The Stamp Of Approval - Success comes from what you buy.
AuctivaEdu - 03-02-15 - Meet The eBay Lady, Part 1.
AuctivaEdu - 03-10-15 - Meet The eBay Lady, Part 2.
AuctivaEdu - 12-12-14 - eBay 'Superstar' Shares Tips, Part 1.
AuctivaEdu - 12-03-14 - Change Is The Only Constant, Part 1.
AuctivaEdu - 11-17-14 -
Retirees Dive Into eBay, Part 1.
AuctivaEdu - 09-24-14 - What I Know Now: Fashion seller says it's important to stand out. -- Part 2
Auctiva.Edu - 04-16-2015 - eBay Was Just The Start, Part 1 ---- eBay Was Just The Start, Part 2.
AuctivaEdu - 04-02-14 - How to Grow Your eBay Business.
AuctivaEdu - 02-05-14 - Mistakes Sellers Make.

Dennis L. Prince - Analyzing and advocating the e-commerce since 1996, published 12 books
AuctivaEdu - 04-08-15 - Talk Isn't Cheap - How to stop talking and start doing. .
AuctivaEdu - 12-05-14 - Sell To Other Sellers - Cut your workload, move more items.
AuctivaEdu - 05-19-14 - Have Trouble Making Decisions?
Know you've taken the right road when you say 'yea' or 'nay.'
AuctivaEdu - 05-07-14 - Go Ahead, Boast About Your Business. Attract buyers by trumpeting your triumphs the right way.
The Online Seller - 12-17-12 - How to Take a Break from Your Online Business

By Olga Munoz
** 5 Reasons to Venture Beyond eBay
** 5 Reasons to Sell on eBay
Auctiva Blog - 05-01-14 - Straight from You: After-Sale Emails.

eCommerceBytes Articles

eCommerceBytes - Excellent online newsletter with classifieds and research information.

eCommerceBytes - 01-18-2016 - Beware eBay Coaching Services that Use High-Pressure Tactics.
I share this article to remind people to be wary of high priced coaching services asking thousands of dollars. There are many training programs listed and advertised on this website, before spending thousands of dollars, just take a few minutes look at what popular coaches and training programs charge.

Sellers Choice Awards.
eCommerceBytes - 02-15-2016 - eBay, Etsy, Amazon Top This Year's Sellers Choice Awards.
eCommerceBytes - 02-13-2016 - This Year's Sellers Choice Rewards Sites with Traffic.

eCommerceBytes - 02-25-2016 - The Hidden Secrets of Your Product Metrics. Part 3
eCommerceBytes - 02-17-2016 - Do You Know Your Customer Metrics? Part 2
eCommerceBytes - 02-15-2016 - Do You Know Your Multi-Channel Metrics?

eCommerceBytes - 08-09-2015 - Optimizing Keywords in Your eBay and Amazon Listings.
eCommerceBytes - 07-12-2015 -
Google Analytics Can Help Sellers of All Sizes Reach Their Goals.
eCommerceBytes - 06-02-2015 - The Untold Story of the War between Alibaba and eBay.
eCommerceBytes - 11-03-2014 -
Fund Me: How Much Do You Need to Start an Online Business?
The interest in this article is in the comments. People volunteer how much money they invested to begin selling online, in most cases it was a very small amount.
eCommerceBytes - 04-21-2013 - Using Vine Videos in Ecommerce Marketing.
eCommerceBytes - 04-20-2013 - How Can Online Sellers Harness Vine?
Embed Vine Videos.
eCommercebytes - 7-22-12 - How Merchants Get the Biggest Bang from Bing Shopping.

Misc. & Business

Misc. Information Sources

eCommerceBytes - 01-07-2016 - Calling All eBay and Amazon Experts. - Reader Comments page. - Who do you pay for services to help your ecommerce business? Whose Facebook groups do you belong to? Which vendors turn out helpful advice in their blogs or guides? Which resources do you follow (or pay for)?
* If you like this website, please share it with others. Thanks!*

Business Opportunities Weblog - 02 -20-14 - Top 50 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs.

Business Opportunities Weblog - 02 -20-14 - Top 50 Books for Entrepreneurs.

Etsy - The Seller Handbook - Collection of 100 Articles.

Web Sellers' Circle - Free membership with a collection of articles and information.


American Express - Open Forum.

The Endurance International Group - Business On Tapp.

More Free eBooks

I'd like to thank Stephanie Inge, eBay seller, instructor, and founder of Dallas eBaybes & eMales, for this list of eBooks that she shared.

Auction Consignment Agreement for eBay Trading Assistants (Document for consignment sellers.)

Break Free From The Matrix?

Free Traffic For the eBay Elite

Linnworks - Guide To Selling On eBay.

Marketo on Facebook - 50 Tired and True Social Insights from Real Marketers.

Successful Buying eBay Buying Strategies

The Official Guide to eBay Blackthorne

Suzanne a. Wells - Blog and eBooks.

19 Essential Tax Tips for Your eBay Business

Learning Tools & Sources

Get Paid 2 Drop Ship with Ebay - Peoria, IL
Monthly Event - Day 10 of every month: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm (PDT)

Skillfeed - Tutorials/Lessons on what looks like over 500 subjects. Inclucing: Advertising, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and hundreds more.

Switch and Shift - Human Side of Business - Multiple Writers and Books.

TheDanniApp - Schedule and City List for Danni Thrifting Events.

The Selling Family - We have put these trainings together for you to help move your Amazon business forward. These are made up of instant downloadable guides, video courses and webinars! All of our courses come with a money back guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchase.
The Selling Family - Top Tools For Online Sourcing.

The School of Internet Marketing - Over 80 interviews and 12 courses covering topics.

The Top Tens - Interesting search possiblities for a huge variety of subjects. Example: Top Ten Books.

WebRetailer - Good directory of online selling information and sources, also blog and webinars.

Unknown Source
Buy World Book Encyclopedia 2015
World Book - CD-ROM Sets
Dictionaries - Kids' Sets - Atlas - More
Selling Mentors, Instructors & Courses

Danna Crawford - Power Selling Mom - Florida and national eBay seller training and workshops.

Imogene Armstrong - Meetup Group Organizer and eBay Education Specialist trained by eBay.

Jim Cockrum - Jim Cockrum has inspired and earned the trust of tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs with his creative yet down to earth training style. He has sold millions of dollars of products and services online and has helped thousands of others start and grow successful eBay and online businesses since 2000.

Lisa Suttora - Amazon & Ecommerce Marketing Strategies.

OSI Rock Stars - Paid membership with courses. Learn how to make a profit on eBay, find wholesale products, understand taxes & legal issues, tips & tricks from expert PowerSellers, SEO, eBay Stores and more.

Skip McGrath's - I was a PowerSeller way before I wrote my first book. My wife, Karen, and I still sell on eBay and Amazon every day! My success didn't come from selling my books. It came from being a savvy, online seller.
Subscribe to the Oldest and Largest FREE Newsletter for Professional eBay Sellers -
FREE eBay Tips, Tools, Information and Resources for Beginning & Professional eBay Sellers.

Stephanie Inge - Education Specialist Trained by eBay.

The Danni App - Solving the eBay Puzzle for Fun and Profit! & Niche to Profit Academy.

Unite Commerce - Suzanne a. Wells - Online Courses & Local Courses-Atlanta, GA

Other Articles to Learn From

360pi - Insights and webinars related to pricing.

Business Opportunities Weblog 03-04-14 - The Truth About Working For Yourself. by Amy Knapp.
Business Opportunities Weblog 02-19-14 - The 10/10/10 Plan for Identifying Your New Business.

BuzzFeed - 06-14-2014 - 26 Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money. (Good Article.)

Bizz Venue - 91 Power Tools for Entrepreneurs.

Channel Advisor - 04-08-2014 - March 2014 ChannelAdvisor Same Store Sales (SSS) for eBay, Amazon, Search and CSE.

ConversionXL - 05-06-2014 - How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%.

Copywriters Roundtable - 09-26-14 - The Secret to Selling to Seniors. - What do you know about marketing to the older generation? It might not be enough.

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

CrazyLister - 04-26-2016 - What Elements Do The World’s Top eBay Sellers Add To Their Listings To Increase Sales?
CrazyLister - 08-13-2014 - The Perfect eBay Listing: How We Boosted Our Sales by 220%.

eBay vs. Amazon - Sign up Form: Free Udemy Course.

Discover The Easy Way To Get Started On eBay - Sign up form: Free 2-DVD set.

How To Get Amazing Deals At Flea Markets -Sign up form: Free Video Course.

Internet Retailer - 04-25-16 - Younger consumers turn increasingly to mobile devices for buying as well as browsing.
Internet Retailer - 10-22-12 -
Price wars don’t necessarily maximize profits on Amazon or eBay.

Retail Wire - 2014 Referral Marketing Look Book. - Features some of the best-performing and best-designed referral programs for retailers... If your "Refer A Friend" strategy is in need of a jumpstart, here's a quick resource...

Shopify - 12-27-2012 - 10 Best Comparison Shopping Engines to Increase Ecommerce Sales.

SmallBizTrends - 05-02-2016 - Ladies, Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?

Terapeak - 12-06-2013 - How to Maximize Bidding Activity on eBay Auction Listings.

The Virtual Peddler: Learn how to make a living buying, selling and trading on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist

The Small Business Online Marketing Tips. - Advice to Grow Your Business Through Online Marketing.

Web Retailer - The Top 10 Online Shopping Days Worldwide.

Website Magazine - 06-02-2014 - 3 Perfect Product Pages.

YardSales.net - 03-23-2016 - What Should you Look for to Resell? 9 Professional Flippers Reveal their Top Items to Flip!

Books Online

Issuu - Here is an example "Glass Made Transparent". Many subjects, including eBay.


10 Must Read Books for Business Owners - SiteProNews - Article by Tina Courtney.

650 PLR eBay Articles

How To Build An eBay Business - QuickSteps by John Cronan & Carole Matthews

eBay Bargain Shopping For Dummies by Marsha Collier

eCommerceBytes - AuctionBytes Bookshelf

General Business Info & Newsletters

There are millions of articles and information sites, these are just a few.

Click here to visit ProBlogger. - Blogging information, but also has a newsletter with interesting info, example:
The Psychology of Color: Is Your Color Choice Making or Breaking Your Website?

CloudTags - What is Omnichannel? Defining omnichannel and the value of the omniscient customer experience.

Eventual Millionaire - Discover the 3 Habits of All Successful Millionaires.

IMReportCard - Our mission is simple - to catalogue, review and discuss every single popular Internet marketing related product, service, person or "guru", and biz-opp.

InternetRetailer - B2BecNews Special Edition (Spring 2015) - B2B Web Marketplaces.

InternetRetailer - 09-23-2015 - Online sales account for over 25% of Neiman Marcus’s revenue.

eCommerceBytes - 06-02-2015 - The Untold Story of the War between Alibaba and eBay.

Salsify - Cracking the Code: Product Content Drives Conversion. New Research Identifies How Much Product Content Influences Sales

Wikipedia - Multichannel retailing. - "Multichannel retailing or Omnichannel retailing is a business model that implies using of a variety of channels in a customer's shopping experience including research before a purchase."

Amazon Books
General Self-Help Articles

Business Opportunities Weblog - 06-09-2014 - Multitaskers Paying A Mental Price.

Entrepreneur - 01-02-2013 - How to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused By Nadia Goodman

Knowledge Genie - In only a few seconds from now you can begin to package your know-how, ideas, and content into an interactive web app, called a Genie, that you can share or sell.

Share Your Knowledge - Write Your Own eBooks or Articles

Should You Write a Book? See what you need to consider. by Brad and Debra Schepp - Jun 06, 2014
As a seller, you have lots of expertise you could share. So why not write a book?

The Tapping Solution - Amazing Self-Help Techinque.

Wealth Through Workshops - "A Step By Step Guide to a Lucrative Workshop, Retreat and Seminar Business!"

Young people can also be Entrepreneurs!


Be inspited by these young girls.
Crazy Lister
wholesale DollarDays save
468x60 Pemium Electronic Cigarette
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Flightnetwork.com -Specializing in Cheap Flights
Tapping Soultion
eBay Playing By Rules
Women's New Arrivals Banner for Crazy Shirts

Thrifty & Sixty: The Simple and Easy Guide to Selling Online
Artisteer - Web Design Generator
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