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Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a very popular selling site for vinage and handcrafted items, ie. "unique items".
Handmade Goods, Vintage Items & Craft Supplies.

This site is beginning to gain Etsy readers, so I am adding an Etsy information and resources page.
More to come.

Etsy - Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods.

Open a Shop - Basics: What can you sell? Why sell on Etsy? More Questions?

The Etsy Blog

Etsy - Wikipedia Overview.

Etsy Connections:
Etsy has a huge online presence for connecting to other sellers. Check out the Esty site and Facebook.

  • Facebook do a search for Etsy, also look at the Facebook suggestions on the right side of your page.
  • Etsy Teams - A list of over 1,300 searchable pages.
  • Etsy Social - The Social Network for Etsy Shops.

Much More on YouTube - Etsy TV

Also on YouTube - Etsy Success. Videos & Fireside Chats with Etsy.

Current Etsy News

Etsy News


eCommerceBytes - 04-22-16 - Etsy Integrates FedEx into Its Shipping Labels Program.

WebsiteMagazine - 04-06-2016 - Etsy Starts a New Pattern.
eCommerceBytes - 04-06-16 - Etsy Gets into the Store Hosting Business.
eCommerceBytes - 04-05-16 - Etsy Launches Website Builder for Sellers.

Internet Retailer - 04-05-2016 - Etsy offers a new seller service, Pattern, to customize online stores.

eCommerceBytes - 04-01-16 - Etsy Lets Shoppers Save Items in Shopping Carts.

eCommerceBytes - 03-16-16 - Etsy Redesigns Sellers' Shop Home Pages.

eCommerceBytes - 02-16-16 - How Etsy Is Growing More Expensive without Fee Hikes.

eCommerceBytes - 01-27-16 - Etsy Does Direct Deal with USPS, Adds Chore for Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 01-20-16 - Etsy Invites Sellers to Post a Video to Appeal to Shoppers.

eCommerceBytes - 01-20-16 - Etsy Creates Seller Advisory Board to Provide Input.

eCommerceBytes - 01-14-16 - Etsy CEO to Discuss Entrepreneurship in Video Fireside Chat.

eCommerceBytes - 01-08-16 - Etsy Launches New Wholesale Programs for Sellers.

Archived Etsy News is at the bottom of this page.
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Etsy Information & Articles

Esty Info

ConvoMe - Etsy Conversations Podcast.

Discussion - Etsy VS EBay VS Bonanza.

Esty Social - The social network for Etsy shops. Shops and articles.

Etsy Tips & Tools

Blugrin - BETSI Bulk listing tools.

SmallBizTrends 04-05-2016 - 15 Successful African American Entrepreneurs on Etsy.

WPMUDEV - 02-19-2016 - Building Your Own Etsy Store With WordPress.

HandmadeNewsletter - Build an Etsy Mailing List without a Website or Blog.

InternetRetailer - 07-28-2015 - Etsy sellers tend to be young, female and educated.

WebProNew/Business 4-29-2012 - Etsy’s Reseller Debacle: Handmade Site Features Questionable Goods

eCommerceBytes 4-29-2012 - Etsy Opens Wedding Shopping Hub and Registry

YouTube Videos

YouTube - Search results page.

YouTube - Basics for Success on Etsy. by Amanda Lehto

YouTube - How to make money online with ETSY and get ALOT of Traffic! by Christian Thayer

YouTube - Tips for Starting an Etsy Shop. by iheartstitching

How to on Etsy - Opening a Shop, Fees, and Listing.
by Rose Meister
Archived News 2015

Etsy News

eCommerceBytes - 12-21-15 - Etsy Goes Local with Home for the Holidays.

eCommerceBytes - 11-18-15 - Etsy Asks Wholesalers to Simplify Process for Artisans.

eCommerceBytes - 11-05-15 - Etsy Changes Search Algorithm - What Sellers Need to Know.

eCommerceBytes - 10-20-15 - Etsy Changes Search Algorithm to Factor Seller Location.

eCommerceBytes - 10-16-15 - Etsy Announces New Social Sharing Tools for Sellers.

Internet Retailer - 10-16-2015 - Etsy sellers get a faster path to social media.

eCommerceBytes - 10-01-15 - Etsy Makes Checkout with PayPal Mandatory in New Shops.

eCommerceBytes - 09-21-15 - Etsy Has Cause to Worry over Amazon Handmade.

eCommerceBytes - 09-15-15 - Etsy to Launch Manufacturing Marketplace in the Fall.

eCommerceBytes - 09-15-15 - Etsy CEO: We're Not a Craft Marketplace.

eCommerceBytes - 09-10-15 - Etsy Responds to PayPal Integration Concerns.

eCommerceBytes - 09-09-15 - Etsy Forces PayPal on Direct Checkout Option.

eCommerceBytes - 09-08-15 - Etsy Launches New Editors Picks Feature.

eCommerceBytes - 09-03-15 - Controversial Etsy Seller Departs the Marketplace.

eCommerceBytes - 08-26-15 - Etsy Gives Sellers Exposure to Local Shoppers.

MobileStrategies360 - 08-25-2015 - Etsy goes local with the help of mobile.

eCommerceBytes - 08-21-15 - Etsy Launches Buy It Now Button.

eCommerceBytes - 08-17-15 - Etsy Lets Sellers Brand Shops with New Icon.

eCommerceBytes - 08-14-15 - Etsy Tests New Navigation Bar Highlighting Eight Categories.

eCommerceBytes - 08-13-15 - Etsy Gives Top Sellers Access to Account Managers.

eCommerceBytes - 07-16-15 - Over Six Percent of Etsy Sellers Run into Disputes.

eCommerceBytes - 06-17-15 - Sellers Can Raise Money on Etsy in New Pilot Program.

Internet Retailer - 05-20-2015 - Now public, Etsy reports a 44% sales increase and a big loss in Q1.

eCommerceBytes - 04-30-15 - Etsy Lets Shoppers Post Photos with Reviews.

Retail Wire - 04-28-2015 - Retailers turn to Etsy for new products pipeline.
eCommerceBytes - 04-24-15 - Etsy Holds Audition for Sellers to Showcase Their Talents.

eCommerceBytes - 04-16-15 - Big Day for Etsy As It Goes Public at $16 a Share.
C/Net - 04-15-2015 -
Online marketplace Etsy prices IPO at $16 a share.

eCommerceBytes - 03-26-15 - Etsy Rolls Out Long-Awaited Calculated Shipping.

eCommerceBytes - 03-23-15 - Set It and Forget It: Etsy Launches Auto Renew Feature.

eCommerceBytes - 03-09-15 - Etsy to Make New Listing Tool Mandatory in July.

Etsy - IPO - Initial Public Offerings.
MarketWatch - 03-06-2015 - Five things to know about Etsy before its IPO.
eCommerceBytes - 03-05-15 -
What Etsy's Public Filing Means for Sellers.
Internet Retailer - 03-05-2015 - Etsy IPO reveals a $2 billion e-commerce company.
Fast Company - 03-04-2015 - Etsy Files for IPO - The goods seller is finally going public.

The Verge - 02-18-2015 - How to make a million dollars on Etsy — buy from Alibaba and run your store like eBay. by Rich McCormick.

eCommerceBytes - 02-18-15 - Etsy Launches Revamped Category Structure.

eCommerceBytes - 02-11-15 - Etsy Updates the Way It Displays Shipping Information.

eCommerceBytes - 02-10-15 - Etsy Expands VAT Tax Collection. (European Union.)

eCommerceBytes - 02-04-2015 - Etsy Readies New Listing Tools for Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 01-26-2015 - Etsy Launches New Feature for Improved Deliverability.

eCommerceBytes - 01-20-2015 - Etsy Adds Transparency to Product Listing Ads.

eCommerceBytes - 01-02-2015 - Etsy Reminds Sellers of Postage Rate Changes. (Canadian Post)
(Rate Comparison Chart.)

Internet Retailer - 01-14-2015 - Etsy is said to be planning an IPO.

Bloomberg Business - 01-13-2015 - Etsy Crafts IPO Putting New York Tech Back on the Map.

Archived News 2014

Etsy News

eCommerceBytes - 12-12-2014 - Etsy Holds Session on Using Outside Manufacturers.

eCommerceBytes - 12-10-2014 - New Etsy Feature Help Sellers Sell Offline.

eCommerceBytes - 11-27-2014 - Large Sellers Dominate on Etsy.

eCommerceBytes - 11-20-2014 - Etsy Bans Duplicate Shops to Eliminate Advantage in Search.

eCommerceBytes - 11-04-2014 - Etsy Sellers Can Test New Listing Manager.

eCommerceBytes - 10-31-2014 - Nominate an Etsy Seller for Special Recognition.

eCommerceBytes - 10-27-2014 - Helping Sellers in the Offline World Is Part of Etsy's Vision.

eCommerceBytes - 10-24-2014 - Etsy Extends Into the Real World with Its Own Card Reader.

eCommerceBytes - 10-01-2014 - Etsy Enhances Checkout, Phone Support, Other Seller Features.

eCommerceBytes - 09-30-2014 - Etsy Removes Limits on Seller Protection.

eCommerceBytes - 09-16-2014 - Etsy Makes Changes in Move toward Calculated Shipping.

eCommerceBytes - 09-11-2014 - Etsy Bars Sellers from Using Term 'Redskins'.

eCommerceBytes - 09-09-2014 - A Breakdown of Etsy Pre-Holiday Changes - and Non-Changes.

eCommerceBytes - 08-21-2014 - Etsy Takes More Control over Sellers' Paid Search Ads.

eCommerceBytes - 08-06-2014 - Etsy Launches Wholesale Platform out of Beta.

eCommerceBytes - 06-18-2014 - Etsy Works to Improve Shipping Labels for Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 06-05-2014 - Etsy Blames eBay Hack for Sudden Rise in Account Hijackings.

eCommerceBytes - 05-15-2014 - Etsy Sellers Can Now Measure Mobile Traffic.

eCommerceBytes - 04-25-2014 - Etsy Launches iPhone App for Sellers.

eCommerceBytes - 04-25-2014 - Etsy Acquires Grand St.

eCommerceBytes - 04-24-2014 - Etsy Gets Sellers' Goods onto Retail-Store Shelves.

eCommerceBytes - 04-16-2014 - Etsy Goes B2B with Wholesale Initiative.

eCommerceBytes - 04-08-2014 - Etsy Launches New Homepage after Months of Testing.

eCommerceBytes - 04-01-2014 - Etsy CEO on 3D Printer Plans: Sewing Patterns of the Future.

eCommerceBytes - 03-25-2014 - Testing, Testing: Etsy Personalizes Homepage.

eCommerceBytes - 03-02-2014 - Etsy Merchants React to Possible Shop Redesign.

eCommerceBytes - 02-25-2014 - Etsy Tests Seller Shop Redesign.

eCommerceBytes - 02-21-2014 - Etsy Offers Shoppers Customized Recommendations.

eCommerceBytes - 02-04-2014 - Etsy Sellers Can Look Forward to More Tools.

eCommerceBytes - 01-28-2014 - Etsy Clarifies Guidelines on Outside Manufacturing.

eCommerceBytes - 01-17-2014 - Etsy to Retire Search Option and Seller Pricing Tool.

eCommerceBytes - 01-15-2014 - Etsy Accepting Applications for Team Fellowships.

eCommerceBytes - 01-14-2014 - Etsy Clarifies Offsite Linking Policies.

eCommerceBytes - 01-07-2014 - Etsy Sellers Deal with Taxpayer ID Demands.

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