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TV, Video & Internet Radio - Shows & Series
Learning or expanding your knowledge is often more enjoyable when watching a TV program, viewing a video or listening to an Internet radio program. A search on YouTube will turn up interesting videos on most any online selling subject. This is a good sampling of what is available. If you know of other TV, Video or Radio presentations, please let me know. Contact Us. There is also video and audio event information on the Webinar page in this site.
Shows & Series: TV, Video & Internet Radio

Videos & YouTube Videos - The are thousands of YouTube videos about online selling, these are just a few videos and search phrases to get you started finding more on YouTube, Google Handout, and other sources. When you do a search on YouTube, for example, along the right side is a suggestion of similar videos to view.

Andy Slamans - Amazon FBA Junkies.
Andy Slamans - Bad Bearded Veteran Amazon Sellers.

AuctionBytes TV Channel - AuctionBytes TV is an Internet television network featuring video programming about ecommerce and the online auction industry.

Craigslist Hunter - YouTube - Video collection.

Dallas Moore - YouTube - Video collection.

Danna Crawford - eBay Consultant & Training Videos.
Ask Danna - Subscibe to YouTube Channel.

Debra Conrad - Thrifting For Profit Podcast – Episode 97 – Amazon LTH Shenanigan and Suspensions On The Rise

DollarMoves - Rob Anderson's Amazon selling video collection on YouTube.

Gilldaddy - Amazon & eBay How-to videos. YouTube Video Collection.

MarieTV - Marie Forleo, business and life.

Nathan Holmquist - Amazon selling videos. YouTube Video Collection.

Picking Profit - YouTube - Video collection.

Raiken Profit - eBay related video collection.

Resale Renegade - YouTube - Video collection.

ScanPower - Amazon related video collection.

Scavenger Life - YouTube - Video collection.

Startup Cabin TV - A weekly YouTube show
for entrepreneurs and investors. European.

StartWinGo - Info, tips, interviews & more.
"Odd Hours" Google Hangouts Live by Brian Holmes

Suzanne a. Wells - YouTube Video Collection.

The Danni App - YouTube Video Collection.

Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B -
Now Available On-Demand.

By Title

How to Sell on Etsy

How to Sell on Amazon

How to Sell in Classifieds

How to Sell Online

eBay Specific:

eBay Channel

eBay Thanks You

How To Sell on eBay

Best Products to Sell on eBay

eBay Success Stories


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TV Shows, Podcasts & Internet Radio Telecasts

Some of these shows can be picked up on places like Hulu, NetFlix, and Amazon or Apple TV. Also some episodes can be found on YouTube, even if the show has been cancelled.

On TV.com - There is a "Shows" category with descriptions, video trailers, reviews and ratings.

All Star Dealers - Discovery Channel. Tuesday 8.

American Pickers - Following two friends as they travel the country in search of collectibles hidden in yards, garages and abandoned barns. TV History Channel.

AM/PM Podcast: Amazon FBA and Private Label Selling Tips. - By Manny Coats - Amazon FBA Seller & Private Label Expert.

Andy Slamans - Amazon FBA Junkies with Jeff Aikma.

Antique Road Show - Online episodes also available.

Auction Hunters - Spike TV.

Auctiva.Edu - 02-15-2015 - Don't Forget Your Morning Podcast.

The Ask Jordan Podcast Collection - Selling on Amazon - Amazon Seller - Work from Home - Lifestyle - Sell Online - FBA.

Auction Kings - Discovery Channel.

Baggage Battles - The Travel Channel.

Big Brian: The Fortune Seller - TruTV.

Buried Treasure - Fox. Cancelled.

Business Rockstars - Watch live, Monday - Friday, 1-3pm - PST.

ConvoMe - Etsy Conversations Podcast.

Danni App TV - Mondays at 5:00pm PST.

Digital Marketer - Podcast. 4 Facebook Metrics Critical to Your Success. More Episodes.

Down East Dickering - Bargain hunters in Maine buy, sell and trade items for profit. TV History Channel.

eBay Radio - Live Every Tuesday & Thursday.

Extreme Collectors - Discovery Channel.

Flea Market Flips - HGTV Show. Join host Lara Spencer as teams scour the nation's flea markets for furniture and décor to recycle and reinvent.

Fortune Hunter TV - Show for Entrepreneurs. Featuring leading mentors and professionals.

Garage Gold - DIY TV Show. Sundays 10ET - 9CT.

Garage Sale Mystery - Fictional mystery movie series on the Hallmark Channel. Starring Lori Loughlin.

I-Brake-For-Yard-Sales - HGTV Show. Lara Spencer.

Junk Gypsies - HGTV Show. These Texas sisters are a litle bit hippie, a little bit rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of heart and soul. Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes.

Market Warriors - PBS - Follows antiques pickers on a nationwide treasure hunt, scouring flea markets and antiques shows for vintage valuables with an eye toward selling their finds for profit at auction.

MarketingCrazy - Podcast for online sellers.

Oddities - Discovery Channel. Thurday 8.

Pawn Stars - Pawn shop buying show. History Channel.

Podcast-Dallas - Helping grow the world of podcasting in Dallas by supplying a great resource to podcasters to share their skills, and learn new ones.

Podertainment – The Podcast Magazine. Videos, articles, and tools for anyone looking to start or grow a new podcast. It is also a great resource for anyone that is a current podcaster, and wants to improve their skills, equipment, and audience.

PowerSellingMom - Danna Crawford on Blog Talk Radio.

ScanPowerRadio - Chris Green. Amazon discussions.

So You Wanna Sell On eBay - The Podcast for the eBay Seller. - Two weekly episodes providing tips, tricks & knowledge to help you grow your eBay business.

Smart Passive Income - Jessica and Cliff Larrew.

Spreecast - Online radio style broadcasts.
Spreecast - Amazon/eBay Shows.
Spreecast - Chris Green from ScanPower!
Spreecast - DuaneMalek

Startup Cabin Podcast - A bi-weekly podcast from the
European startup industry.

Storage Wars - A&E TV. Tuesdays 10/9C

Storage Wars Texas - A&E TV. Tuesday 9

Terapeak Video Webinars -Upcoming and previously recorded video webinars.
Example: Make Your First Sale! (Video)

That Kit Radio - On TalkShoe.

That Thrifty Show - Web series.

The Amazing Seller - Podcasts - Primarily Amazon FBA.

Thrifting For Profit - Podcasts.

Thrifting For Profit by Debra Conrad.

Thrift Hunters on Spike TV.

Vegas Video Network - Niche to Profit - Tune in every Thursday at 3PM PT as we stream LIVE. On demand versions of the program will be distributed within hours of the live show.
VegasVideoNetwork - Niche to Profit. Every Thursday at 3pm PT.

Wholesale.FM - The Web's Original Voice of Wholesale.

Special Note: eBay Radio 13th Anniversary Party & Conference 2016
July 26-29, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Finding Reality TV Shows

The above list is from what I see on our TV service's channel guide, you may have addition channel options.

TV.com - Good source of TV Shows.

Antique Trader - Complete list of antiques reality TV shows from American Pickers to Oddities.

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