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My Personal Favorite Links
This page is for sharing some of my personal favorite links.
My Favorite Links
Overstock has a Pet Adoption Service for Shelters and Rescue groups to match people and pets.

OEC 2014 - Dogdance Freestyle - Sandra & Lizzy
Sandra Roth



Kustom-Fit Halter Co

Handcrafters of personalized, monogrammed horse halters, dog collars, leads & leashes.

Dedicated to the ideal of producing superior quality, custom made, personalized nylon tack and pet products at fair, affordable, prices.

ALL of our products come with our
Lifetime Guarantee.

Kustom-Fit Halter Co.

Facebook Connection

Dublin Bottling Works

Dublin Bottling Works

They still make sodas
the old fashioned way,
with pure-cane sugar,
in Dublin, Texas.

Just about an hour southwest of Fort Worth, Texas out Hwy. 377 through Benbrook, Granbury, and just past Stephenville. Or south of I-20, and southwest of Stephenville, Texas.

Visit the Dr. Pepper museum and bottling plant, or relax in the Old Doc's Soda Shop!

Order On Line

Dublin Bottling Works

jewelry research logo

Costume Jewelry History
And Jewelry Marks

Visit Pat's Shop
Treasures From Yesterday
Montgomery St. Antique Mall
2601 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107
Showcases #31 & 32


Cooter Browns

Food & Spirits
Neighborhood - Biker Friendly

Burleson, Texas

Facebook Connection

Stroud's Fitness

Stroud Fitness

Kirk & Samm Stroud
Owners of Stroud's Fitness, presidents of the ISA powerlifting organization, national and high school powerlifting judges, Samm and Kirk also hold several state, national and world powerlifting records.

Hurst, Texas

Stroud's Fitness


What's Zija?

A company that makes products
from what some people call the "Miracle Tree", the Moringa Tree.

(Information from the Zija web site.)

Zija's earth-friendly, Liquid Nutritional, Weight Management, and Skin Care products are based on the Moringa botanical. This miracle plant is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Zija's Smart Drink is overflowing with cell-ready nutrients, antioxidants, and vital proteins. Zija is the first-and only-company to channel Moringa's dramatic nutritional properties into a refreshing, nourishing beverage for everyday use.

Zija Distributor

Stay In -
Have A Restaurant Night Out!

Want to stay home and
enjoy a fine restaurant meal?

Entrees On Trays Is the Answer!

You are just a phone call away. Call and have a delicious meal delivered right to your front door.

Delivery available in
Fort Worth, Texas

Entrees On Trays

Facebook Connection

Bon Appetit


Premier handmade marketplace
to buy & sell handmade crafts,
supplies, vintage, and art.




Knots Out Massage Therapy
701 Second Street
Goldthwaite, Texas 76844
(325) 451-0255

Knots Out Massage Therapy
Facebook Connection

Asea Heavenly Treasures



Penny and Debbie Mendez
Certified Consultants

Fort Worth, Texas

Facebook Connection

Hosting a Scentsy party is a fun,
easy way to earn Scentsy products.


Nutritional Beverage
Weight Loss
Skin Care


Zija Distributor
DFW - Texas

Rouxbe Online Cooking Videos

Show you how to use your knives!
Show you how to use your pans!
Show you how to cook!

The Everest of Online
Video Cooking Schools

KaTom Restaurant Supply

Your Wholesale Source For Restaurant Equipment
And Restaurant Supplies

Information on Restaurant Inspections
and Food Safety

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

It's a no tobacco, electronic device that simulates
the look, feel, and taste of a regular cigarette.

Check it out - ECigInfoSite


Nutritional Beverage


The Info Pond

Sharing information about a wide variety of subject!

Check it out here:


Electronic Cigarettes

~ Information & Where To Buy Them ~


E Cig Info Site
RV Park Software

Preview before you buy!

Training & Information

** FREE Trial **

RV Park Software

Software Product by

RV Park Reservation & Management Software

Reasonably priced RV Park/ Property Management Program
with the Simplicity, Features and Capabilities you need.

Excellent Property Management Software Package

Do you need a Mailing List?
*Free Auto Mailing Lists*

Affordable, Accurate Mailing Lists
Our data base of names is up-to-date and clean using the
U.S. Post Office NCOA-Link Process

Small and Large Name
Lists Available

25 to 25 Million

You Can Order Mailing Lists by Zip Codes, Counties, and More
Vehicle Owners Are Buyers of Other Items
Homes - Boats - Electronics - Travel - Jewelry - Investments - RV's - Insurance
Professional Services - And Much More

**Free, no obligation count estimates at our web site.
Just tell us your mailing criteria, and we can e-mail your count results.
Free and Simple!

Multiple use of names at no additional charge.
Please visit our web site for more information.

Free Auto Mailing Lists

We Specialize in the Automotive Industry
Auto Sales - After Market - Warranty - Service - Repairs
~ OR ~
25 Million Names by Zip Codes-Cities-Counties-States

Bling Blinky
eBay Store

TexCyn Wholesale
San Antonio Based - Wholesale fashion handbags, women's flat wallets, leather wallets, designer brand handbags, and women's accessories. Low minimum orders.
TexCyn Wholesale
The Dancing Rabbit Gallery - American Indian Art.
Also on Facebook.
The Dancing Rabbit Gallery
The Dancing Rabbit Gallery The Dancing Rabbit Gallery

Website - The Dancing Rabbit Gallery
Also on Facebook.



Need Help with College?
Better Grades in Less Time.

Resources to help you master your Introductory classes, and to help you review as you progress to upper-level coursework.

Young people can also be Entrepreneurs!
Be inspited by these young girls.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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Leaman Container
The Box Outlet

Fort Worth, Texas



Plexus - Valerie Archa

3-Day Slim/Boost Decision.
Lose Weight Now!
Includes Products &
Free Shipping to the U.S.
& Canada.
Only $11.95

Shop Plexus Now!

Advocare - Kendall

Kendall Sablatura - Advocare Distributor

Silver Distributor Website & Videos

Please Call Me For Advocare Information.

Advocare - Kendall
Wild and Crazy Products
The Real Magic Jack

Such a Great Idea!
Bling Blinky Emporium

Picture Courtesy of Paula Dodd Barnes
Bling Blinky of Texas eBay Store
Bling Blinky Emporium on Facebook


Texas United

Presents Texas

Texas History &
What's Happening Today!

Cities of




Surprise Supply on eBay
Surprise Supply - eBay Store
& on Twitter

Locate Local

We currently have millions of business listings from Residental Care to Ice Cream Shops.
You can submit your business for free.

Click to search or add you business.
Mailing Lists
Unlimited Potentials





ActiVit® Multivitamin


Beachbody Coach

Roger Mendoza

Rogers Z. Mendoza

Please visit my web site and
get serious about your body!
fast pitch book

Find A Hosting Site

Texas Bargain Barn

The Info Pond

Cutting Edge Underground


Nutritional Beverage
Weight Loss
Skin Care


Zija Distributor
DFW - Texas


Beware & Be Cautious - The world can be a dangerous place so use common sense and caution when meeting new people. There are good people in the world and unfortunately there are bad people. When meeting people, especially through the Internet, you should consult authoritative sources for safety considerations, but here are a couple of reminders of some basic considerations. Never go anywhere with someone you don't know. Always meet new people in a public place, during daylight hours, and meet someplace that is well populated with people. Be sure that someone knows where you are going and perhaps even have another adult accompany you when meeting someone you do not know. Never give out your personal information. This is also good advice for when you are selling items locally to an unknown person. We are not responsible for the people that you meet or any incidents or relationships that arise from those meetings. This site is for adults and as adults you are responsible for your own life and how you handle meeting new people. Please be cautious and stay safe and happy.


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