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Auction Web Sites
There are many auction web sites, and there are different types. There are auction sites that allow individuals and businesses to list items for sale, which is the focus of this web site, and there are auction sites that sell their own products, and estate auction sites that auction off organizations' or people's property for them.
Auction Site - General Info

Where are some of the best online places to sell online?

Over 11,500 online sellers participated in the 2013 EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Survey. See results.
Sellers Choice 2013: Merchants Rate Top Online Marketplaces

Over 7,200 online sellers participated in the 2012 EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Survey. See results.
Sellers Choice 2012: Merchants Rate Ecommerce Marketplaces

eCommerceBytes - List of more than 20 Auction Sites with ratings.

The Free Auction - List of online auction sites.

2014 Online Auction Sites Comparisons - 10 Auction Sites Compared.

Beyond eBay - Alternative Auction Sites - by Skip McGrath


The Online Seller - 10-29-12 - Online Auction Sites for Live Bidding

eCommerceBytes 10-09-12 - Shoppers Have New Source for Finding Jewelry (Proxibid)

Auction Web Sites For Selling Online

Auction Web Sites - For Sellers, Individuals and Business
There are many auction web sites, here are some examples.

777 Warehouse Auction Center - Welcome to 777 Warehouse Auction Center, the new era of selling your products and service's on line. -- Sellers have the benefit of NO listing fees, list up to (777) of your products in your FREE store and enjoy one of the lowest final auction fee (1.25%) in the industry.

Auctionata - Auctionata brings all the thrill of the auction room to life for everyone online, for the first time. Bid and sell wherever you are with our patented real-time auction system, run by a team of international experts, state-licensed auctioneers and highly experienced professionals.

AuctionFire - We charge no listing fees and no commission fees... FAQ page for sellers.

bidStart - An online marketplace and community connecting buyers and sellers of collectibles; including stamps, coins, comics, sports cards and more; offering auction & store items.
eCommerceBytes - 05-06-14 - BidStart to Morph into Stanley Gibbons Marketplace.

Boocoo.com - No listing fees, except enhancement features, just selling fees.
eCommerceBytes - 12-07-12 - Boocoo Auction Site Closes

CQout - International auction web site. You can auction your item for a set minimum ('reserve') price. CQout Info

Ealtbay - Internet auction site set up to provide an alternative auction site. It caters to all legal items that are legal to own and transfer, but are banned on sites like eBay. The only requirement is that the transaction be done legally. All basic listings and pictures are free, and final value fees are a flat 1% . Payments allowed included, cash, certified check, money order, personal check, company check, western union, or any other legal form of completing a transaction. Feedback is allowed by buyers and sellers and both may leave truthful feedback. There are no top-rated sellers, the playing field is level.

eBay.com - World's best known auction web site.

eBid.com - Auction web site. (Note this is eBid, not eBay.)
eBid - FAQ - Answers about being an eBid seller. (Note this is eBid, not eBay.)

iBuySell - (Still in IndieGogo crowdfunding stage.) World’s Most Exciting Marketplace To Discover, Shop, And Sell Products in Instant Live Countdowns. Also on Fundable.
PRNewswire - 04-20-2-16 - iBuySell - Real-Time Mobile and Online Marketplace that turns shopping to a thrilling competition.

Lista - Facebook App/Must be logged into Facebook - We are excited you joined our marketplace! You can start turning your clutter into credits and using credits to get stuff you'll love.

Online Auction - Sellers keep every penny of the final value of a closing auction because there are no, that's right, no commissions or final value fees! Additionally, you are never required to pay fees to list individual items. Your membership of $8/mo or $96/yr, covers all your listings.

Overstock - Auction is closed.

Proxibid.com - Live online Webcast Auctions with real time bidding. Also timed auctions, instant purchases and classified ads section.
eCommerceBytes - 02-24-2016 - Auction Site Proxibid Benefits from eBay Partnership.

TopHatter - Live online auctions. Seller's Lounge.

Webstore.com - An Online Marketplace with No buying or selling fees. No signup fees!

ThruBay Auction and Stores - We offer auction and store services to residents of the United States and Canada and to selected sellers in other countries, as well.

Vangoe - Buy and sell items through Fixed Price or Auction listings. The NEW way to BUY and SELL your stuff online. Would you like to have your own store? Our stores allow you to reach more buyers. With our elegant design layout and choice of subscriptions, there is sure to be a package that suits you.

Auction Web Sites - Estates, Foreclosures and More

There are local companies that have auctions and many of those now have online auctions. There are also companies that specialize in online estate auctions, and in addition there are organizations, like Goodwill, that have online auctions. Many states and government agencies have auctions and some, such as Texas, now have auctions on eBay. Also see the Inventory Sourcing page.

Auction Zip - Locator Site.

Dallas Online Auction Company

Estate Sales.net - Find Estate Sales & Auctions.

GovernmentAuctions - Shows you a vast multitude of upcoming and current sources where you can profit, or otherwise get great deals at Government & Police Auctions.

Great Estate Roadshow

iCollector - Online collectibles auctions.

Internet Auction List - Numerous categories, including Estate & Personal Property.

Invaluable - Large collection of online auctions.


Property Room

Proxibid - List of online auctions.

Ripley Auctions

Sam's Club


The-Saleroom - Huge list of auction houses and services.

TX.Unclaimed.Property (on eBay)

US Auction Brokers



Catawiki - Weekly auctions for special objects. Catawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available. Our weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any store.

Thrifting For Profit Podcast
Unknown Source
Other Auction Related Topics

Different Kinds of Auction Web Sites

Listia.com - Give away your stuff and earn credits. People bid on your stuff using their credits. Use your credits to bid on other people's stuff. Facebook App/Must be logged into Facebook.

Other Business Opportunities

The Virtual Franchise Show -In the virtual exhibit hall you will find all our exhibitor's virtual booths. Scroll along to view all booths. All live presentations, webinars, group meetings and workshops will take place in our virtual auditorium. Virtual: Lobby-Exhibit Hall-Booths-Auditorium-Chat Room. (Canada)

Auction Web Sites - Companies Own Products

This category can be tricky. Some, like uBid, appear to be pretty straightforward, just be sure to check the shipping charges, they can be high on some items, and check product condition to see if an item is reconditioned. Some auctions sites, like the penny auction types, can be very tricky and complicated and they draw a lot of negative feedback around the Internet, check out what other people are saying before you join their bidding game.



ConsumerReports.com - With penny auctions, you can spend a bundle but still leave empty-handed.

EcommerceBytes - March 26, 2012 - BidBay Founder Sentenced to Prison.

I do not support Penny Auction sites, I personally avoid these types.
There is a list of Penny Auction websites at:
Penny Auction Central - Scroll down their page for a list of the Penny Auction websites.

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